Oxford – Dream, Visit and Be Inspired

“And that sweet city with her dreaming spires,
She needs not June for beauty’s heightening,
Lovely all times she lies, lovely to-night!”

Thus, Matthew Arnold referred to Oxford in his poem ‘Thyrsis’. This southeastern city in England is famous worldwide. Its name is synonymous with Oxford University – the institution being a central attraction here – and it contains awe-inspiring architectural creations. Flowing through this vibrant city are the rivers Cherwell and Thames. A popular sport ‘punting’, in which one propels a boat using a pole, is enjoyed on both these watercourses.

Travelers can gain abundantly by visiting Oxford when on a trip to England. Besides being like a Mecca for academics, Oxford has a vibrant shopping scene, rich culture and lush parks and gardens such as the University of Oxford Botanic Garden.

Things to Do:

The University of Oxford

A 12th century educational institution and the oldest English university, Oxford University requires no introduction. One may have seen the impressive structures of Oxford’s Christ Church College in Harry Potter movies. There are walking tours that take visitors through the various sites of Oxford. Impressive alumni of the university include authors and poets such as Shelley, Evelyn Waugh, Dom Moraes and Matthew Arnold.

Carfax Tower

Standing at 23 m tall, one may obtain a magnificent view of Oxford from the top of the tower. Bells chime at every quarter from this structure that was once upon a time a part of the larger St Martin’s church.

Brasserie Blanc

A brasserie is a restaurant that serves food as well as alcoholic beverages. Brasserie Blanc provides the best of both. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes – starters, salads and desserts – as well as a selection of fine wines in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. This beautiful establishment is situated in Walton Street in Oxford.

Sheldonian Theatre

Famous architect Sir Christopher Wren’s design manifests itself in the Sheldonian Theatre – one of the architectural masterpieces of Oxford. It is used, among other things, for concerts and conferences. One of the unusual features of this structure is the busts on the exterior façade facing Broad Street.

Blackwell Books

Attention booklovers – Blackwell Books is a one-stop shop for all your literary needs. One can browse for months in this large space that contains books on varied subjects.

Plan a leisurely trip so that you can explore the wonders of Oxford to your heart’s content.