Panorama Bar, Berlin

Panorama Bar, the temple of techno music, is the ideal place to be if you are spending a nightlife in Berlin. Carved out of an abandoned industrial building, concrete is the primary décor with the blend of amazing lighting and couches which give you the absolute pleasure of relaxation.

The main attraction is the huge metal staircase which leads you to Berghain, which is the remake of the famous club “Ostgut”. A large bar on the ground floor ensures that you have a drink and then hit the dance floor which is upstairs.

Once you enter the Panorama Bar the bouncers ensure that you get inside in an organized way despite the enormous crowd pouring in from the evening. Once you are in Berghain, the music is spinning, you do feel the human heat gashing out when you open the door. Whether you look right or left, the whole room is filled with rooms which give you the perfect feeling of hidden corners.

Attached to the main dance floor is a room which has been set aside for a pair of swings, a normal bench style and a square one. Being a techno club the music has the mixture of techno, minimal techno and dub step. “Snax”, which is the annual festival, is held on the Holy Saturday in Berghain, while the Panorama Bar is open for mixed crowd.

At the end of the staircase the light man is perfectly placed; he controls the neon effects on both the dance floors. The staircase leads you to the Panorama Bar which is also based on the same theme but it hosts the famous house and electro DJs like Nick Hoppner. There are, however, no VIP entries apart from DJs restricted guest and two guests per staff member.

All over, Panorama Bar reminds of the olden days when people actually went out to party hard all night. Despite the reports of discrimination between native people and outsiders and open sexual acts, Panorama bar is the best place in Berlin to have fun, relax or party till you realize it’s time for lunch.