Pass Some Special Moments With Your Loved One In Cartagena

Cartagena: If you want to pass some special moments with your loved one away from your home town, make a short trip to Cartagena. Considered as Unesco’s World Heritage site, Catagena is an excellent place to pass some days without doing the normal sightseeing. Catagena caters travellers with all facilities and accommodations.

History: This city was founded in the year 1533 by Pedro de Heredia. In the year of 1552 this town was devastated by a great fire. But that could not subdue the spirit of the town and from that wreckage the town again emerged with refreshed colour and splendour. It was considered as the main port by the Spaniards.

Apart from that this rich city was also considered as the ‘gateway’ to South America in the then era. Even in that era the town was the hot place for all kinds of revelry and pleasure making. Though the town had suffered many attacks by the pirates, its spirit could not be dominated. This was the first town to gain independence from the clutches of the dominating Spaniards in 1821. Simon Bolivar called Cartagena ‘La Heroica‘ meaning The Heroic City.

What to do: IF you want to pass time with your dearest one, you can take long walks along the old streets of the walled city of the Old Town of Cartagena. The houses of the colonial era with different hue and flower strewn balconies with lead your mood back to the romantic past. You can drop the plan of all sightseeing and can pass hours at the foliage covered Plaza and in the mystic shades of the ancient churches.

But if one wants to explore the town there several places to go and see. You should go to the famous Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. This fort is actually on the San Lazaro hill and actually in 1762 it was fully completed. Its massive structure will awestruck you. You can pass time with your loved one here also.

There are several churches in this city. Santo Domingo is one of these. Its massive buttress and the heavy roof are really awe inspiring. Apart from this the Catedral, Convento de la Popa, Convento de San Pedro Claver are also worth watching. Islas de Rosario is a small coral island and ideal to pass some quality time.