Pass The Holidays With Your Family and Kids at Naxos

Naxos: Naxos is one of Greece’s beautiful islands that cater its travellers with all types of facilities. Situated at the heart of Cyclades this very island is the best place for one to pass time with his family and kids. Apart from its stunning beaches the island has archaeological sites that date back to the mythical ages of Greece. It is said that Theseus after coming out of the Cretian maze with the help of Ariadne left her here. Here she was overwhelmed by the God of wine and revelry Dionysus. It is simply great to enjoy holidays with your family here in Naxos.

Beaches: There are several stunning and breath taking beaches in this very island. Agios Georgios is one such beautiful beach which resides at the walking distance from the Naxos town. You can stay in the midst between the beach and the town to enjoy fully. This beach becomes overcrowded during the holiday seasons. Agios Prokopios is by far considered to be the best beach of Naxos.

It is at least 5km away from the main city of Naxos. The white stretch of sandy beach and cobalt blue transparent sea water are really enthralling. Agia Anna is another wonderful beach with great sandy beach. You can pass hours after hours just by sitting at the beach and you can also play beach volleyball.

There are enough beach umbrellas, chairs and even food and drink stalls to cater the beach goers. If you want to pass time in a quieter beach than the usual ones you have to move further from the main city. One such beach is Plaka. But this very beach is undeveloped. But the serene beauty and quiet ambience will simply enchant you like anything.

Sites: There are several museums that display things of ancient times. Archaeological museum is one such museum where Hellenistic and Roman terracotta pieces are displayed. The museum is in Kastro. The Della Rocca Barozzi Venetian Museum is not only a great tower house but also helps you to have a sound idea of the Kastro and its rich Venetian past. There are always different art exhibitions. Metropolis Museum is also an interesting place where through glass panels you can see excavations.

How to go: You can reach Naxos by air from Athens.