Places To See In Greece

Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world and it is full of archaeological sites.  It is also believed that gods and goddesses touched the earth in Greece. There are many places and tourist attractions in Greece.

One can choose as to what he wants to do and where he wants to travel. There are museums, beaches, temples and mountains. It is considered to be the one of the very popular holiday destination as it has many surrounding islands, beautiful beaches, rich culture and delicious food as well.

Location Of Greece

Places To See In Greece

Greece is situated in the South- East of Europe. It is surrounded by the three seas i.e., Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Ionian Sea. And because of its geographical location it is the most prosperous country.

Athens, the capital of the Greece is the most beautiful place in the world. Greece is not only a city with beautiful architecture but also great food. It is also known as the cradle of civilization.

Places To Visit  In Greece

The major cities in Greece are Athens, Olympia, Agora, Attica, Patras etc. Athens is the capital of Greece. It has both political and cultural importance. There are many places in the city which are must see. So the city is has many places for the tourists to see.

Archeological Museum

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The Acropolis is the world famous historical sites and in the National Archeological Museum the ancient periods of Greece can be seen. Also places like Syntagma Square, the Temple of Poseidon, the Byzantine Museum and Cape Sounion are also the popular tourist attractions.

Greece is also called as the mountain country and Mt Olympus is the highest mountain. It is also believed in the Greek mythology that it was the residence of gods. Mount Pasnasso is also another famous mountain in Greece. Activities like hiking and climbing are also available in Greece.

best places to visit in greece

Agora is a place where you will find ancient philosophers like Plato and Socrates took time to explore their ideas and thoughts. Also there are wonderful places in Agora where one can go. Athens is not just the place in Greece but it is place where you want to go every time you visit Greece. It is place where you will find all the history of Greece. Though there are tons of places to see in Greece but it is always best to start with Athens.

Greece is also recognized as the birthplace of Olympics. There is a museum called as Museum Of Olympics which is a must see for the visitors. There are more than 15 million people who travel to Greece every year. There are many beaches where one can sit and enjoy the view because as the country borders the Mediterranean Sea thus it makes it a lovely place to visit.

Greece has always been a popular holiday destination as it is surrounded by many islands, beautiful beaches and has sunny weather. The country also has a rich culture and great food.  It is a best place to visit on a special occasions like anniversary and honeymoon.