Plan a Vacation to Kuala Lumpur

For anyone wishing to spend some time visiting amazing places of interest, scenic beauty, and vibrantly colourful modern markets, then Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, is the perfect tourist destination. One can reach Kuala Lumpur easily through a flight.

Kuala Lumpur has the largest, commended and well equipped international airport, built right in the city centre. Weather in KL is ideal to have visitors through out the year.

After reaching their either one can hire a taxi and visit its famous places or can contact any local company that organizes city and cultural tours within Kuala Lumpur. Famous places in Kuala Lumpur include Batu cave, which is a famous worship place for Hindus and within the Batu caves, one can also find ‘dark caves’.

For history lovers, there is a national museum of Malaysia which has an architectural design that is a perfect blend of modern and traditional Malay art. For all those who love to appreciate art and literature, there is a national library and national art gallery. National library is a great resource centre comprising of books & literature on variety of subjects, written by national and international writers.

The national gallery possesses rare and beautiful collection of art pieces. For anyone who wishes to know anything about pewter and intends to buy pewter items, there is Royal Selangor visitor centre. The star attraction of KL is its Petronas Twin Towers, which was considered to be the world’s tallest buildings till 2004 and have 110 occupied floors in it.

For shopping lovers, KL is a perfect hub as one can easily find international brands as well as locally manufactured exclusive products being sold at reasonable prices under a single umbrella.

If one is in a mood to relax, KL has a number of professional spa centres that can help in accomplishing this very objective. One can spot good gyms and fitness centres and golf resorts too. There are numerous eating outlets in KL for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians catering to the needs of people from different cultures and having versatile taste.

Nightlife is equally happening in KL. One should book the hotel in advance to avoid last moment problems in peak seasons and preferably wear light colored clothes to avoid sweat and heat in KL.