Popular Beaches In Alexandria – Egypt

Alexandria, in Egypt, borders the Mediterranean Sea and is known for the sheer variety of beaches. Some of these beaches are punctuated with jetties which are actually used for fishing purposes.

The beaches are open throughout the year but summer is the peak season as there is a large influx of tourists from different parts of the world. There is a slight variation in the entrance prices but the rental for the umbrella and the chairs are uniform across the beaches.

The country has many attractions but it attracts more tourists who are interested in a beach vacation only. This is really surprising considering the fact the almost all the major beaches, like the 6th October beach, are poorly developed and unpopulated. But the tourists are drawn towards the Egyptian beaches as they are inexpensive and have basic modern facilities.

Your tour to Egypt will be incomplete without a tour of the Alexandria beaches. The traffic to these beaches have increased manifold as many major airlines have started flying to Egypt. You will be glad to know that there are a number of chartered airlines that specializes in vacations in Alexandria

The 6th October Beach

This is a beach which is located on the western point. The beach is not so much crowded like the others and hence less polluted too.

Photo Credit: Gypt-realestates.com

Apart from the entrance fee, there is an additional charge for viewing the Marina.

Abu Kir

This is definitely the most popular beach among the tourists as they can sunbathe, fish and swim. The place is particularly known for the fresh seafood.

The beach is on the eastern part of the city and the waters are very calm here. The waters are excellent for fishing and you will see many tourists trying their luck in angling.

El – Agami

The beaches are soft, sandy and white in color. The waters are transparent and the beach boasts of the cleanest waters among all the beaches in Alexandria.

The climate is beautiful here and is perfect for a romantic evening by the beach.

El – Montaza Palace Beaches

The area has the natural bay and is a group of five of the finest beaches of Alexandria – Aida, Cleopatra, Semiramis, Venisia and the private beach of Palestine Hotel. The Scuba Diving Center is located here.

Photo Credit: Egypt4tours.net

The place is very popular among the tourists as you get a first hand experience of scuba diving.

Sharm El Sheikh

The place is actually across the Sinai Peninsula from Alexandria. The miles of sandy beaches offer a rare beautiful sight and the innumerable bays and reefs gives an opportunity to practice your diving skills.

Photo Credit: Ascofremuraviaggi.com

Mersa Matrouh

It has always been a perennial favorite of the tourists as the long sun-kissed white beaches are ideal for sunbathing. The waters are tranquil and swimming is real fun here.

Photo Credit: Metagini.com

There are many bathing spots nearby which are equally good and the best way to reach there is to hire a bicycle or get on the open – sided tuf – tuf bus. The beaches near the Al – Abyad and Ageebah Cove are simply outstanding and are aptly complemented by the surrounding beautiful scenery.