Popular Restaurants In Shanghai

At Shanghai, you will come across some of the highly priced five-star hotels and also some cheapest of budget hotels, which will let you know more about the diversity of the place. Most of the time, you will hit upon the poor and rich establishments situated on the same street, at a very small walkable distance from one another. However, the only common thing is here that all of these hotels boast their individual restaurants wherein they serve up authentic Chinese cuisine.

Given below are few of the popular restaurants in Shanghai:-

Di Shui Dong In French Connection

This restaurant is located on the Mao Ming Road. It is quite well-known for the authentic cuisine, especially Hunan. Here, you can come across plenty of Mao recipes, which include the Mao’s Chicken. Di Shui Dong is a hit with the oversea tourists because of the absolutely opposite reasons – this place serves completely authentic Chinese food, devoid of any alteration for pandering to the western tastes.

Halilaogui In French Connection

Hailaogui is more popular with the locals than the western tourists primarily because this restaurant does not offer an English menu. However, this by no means indicates that the food served here is anytime substandard. This place is more famous for its special Chinese desserts.

M On The Bund

M on the Bund is a popular restaurant, which is designed for being on the par. It is one of the most happening among the western joints. In addition to this, the food served here is a perfect blend of western and Chinese tastes; moreover, it is an extremely pleasurable experience for dining here. Also, according to the western standards, the rates here are fairly reasonable.

Secret Garden In French Connection

Secret Garden is a little restaurant, which is located at a small distance from Garden Books. Also, the name Secret Garden is relatively appropriate, since the atmosphere here is quite natural. The restaurant has an open air canopy wherein food is served. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant; therefore you can taste all kinds of food here.

Shanghai Uncle In French Connection

The Shanghai Uncle is one of the important parts of a renowned trio of the small theme restaurants; however its best branch is located in the French Connection on the Tianyaoqiao Lu. This restaurant blends the western tastes with traditional Chinese cuisine.


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