Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

The Powerhouse Museum is one of the most important branches of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. It is located in Sydney. Also the other institute associated with the same is Sydney Observatory. This museum has a huge collection of technology, which includes Media, Space technology, Decorative arts, Communication, Furniture, Science, Steam engines, Computer technology, Costume, and the transport. This collection has been displayed for nearly 125 yrs.

Here visitors will come across 400000 artifacts, which are part of this museum for more than 20 yrs. It is very much famous for the fascinating electric tram power station. It is located within the western suburban area of Ultimo. This museum was initially constructed in 1902.

Powerhouse Museum is definitely one of the popular tourist attractions in Sydney. It publishes Powerline, a quarterly magazine and is provided to all its members without any cost.

The Powerhouse Museum was established after the Powerhouse Museum Sydney International Exhibition of the year 1879. However, some of the museum’s exhibits of this event were used for making an original collection, which was later used for the Industrial, Technological, and Sanitary Museum of New South Wales.

The exhibition of these artifacts was organized in new building of this museum, which is known as Garden Palace. It was later damaged in the year 1882, due a breakout of fire. Unfortunately, it required to share its exhibition place with the morgue of Sydney Hospital.

The museum was shifted to its new location in the year 1893 on the Harris Street and its name was changed to Technological museum. Sydney Observatory was made a part of this museum in the year 1982. Later on, in the year 1988 it was shifted to Old Ultimo Powerhouse its current location on 500 Harris Street.

The most important and unique part of this museum is the oldest operational steam engine. In the year 1986 it was declared as the Mechanical Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Locomotive No 1 is one more important part of this museum. It was made in the year 1854 by Robert Stephenson. It is the first steam locomotive used all over New South Wales.

Items made in the year 1785 by Watt and Boulton are also found in the museum’s exhibit. A handful items made by London Brewery in the year 1888 are also showcased here. The most controversial Strasburg Clock Model is regarded as the most popular exhibit of the museum.