Puerto Lopez and Isla De La Plata

Puerto Lopez: Puerto Lopez is the small sea side village of Ecuador. The village with the blue sea as its backdrop captures the minds of the visitors. Though the place has got dusty roads and not large amount of modern facilities still it has become a resting place for the travellers who want to visit the Machalilla National Park. Puerto Lopez is a small fishing village and you can also see the fishermen going down the sea during the dawn. It is a fantastic view to see the lines of boats crossing the waves in the light of the rising sun. You can also enjoy long walks along the sea beach.

Isla del la Plata: People used to come over Puerto Lopez to visit the National Park of Machalilla. This park covers a part of the Isla de la Plata. You can arrange a small tour to this small island and can reach the island by a boat trip arranged by the tour organizers. It is said that those who can not visit the Galapagos Island due to the huge travel cost, they can satisfy themselves by coming over to this Isla de la Plata and the National Park of Machalilla.

But this idea should not decrease yours interest in visiting the place. The trip is extremely exciting and even you can enjoy here snorkelling in the blue sea water. One can see here rare species of birds. This is one of the hot spots for the bird watchers. The pressure of tourists increases during the whale watching season.

Machalilla National Park: This Park covers a large part of the small island. The price of the trip of this park is fixed and the value of the ticket lasts for at least 5 days. You will have a guided tour along the island. If you can shed a bit more money you can also enjoy at the Los Frailes beach and the sulphur lake. You can also see the archaeological site of Agua Blanca.

Hotels: There are cheap hotels at Puerto Lopez and also bars and restaurants to relax a bit.

How to go: Bus services are available from Quito, Manta and Santo Domingo.