Queen Charlotte Islands

Queen Charlotte Islands: The beautiful Queen Charlotte Islands mainly known as the Haida Gawii is one of the main attractions of Canada’s natural beauty. The flora and fauna of this place are really extraordinary and those who love to journey in the heart of forest this place is ideal for them in the true sense of the term. This pace still retains the ancient Haida culture. Though there had been severe changes after the Westerners arrived here, the core culture still now is surviving. It is for this very ancient culture the place still retains its verdant forests and the encapsulating charm. A journey to this Queen Charlotte Islands will lead you in to the heart of nature.

Attractions: The extensive and varied types of flora and fauna are the main things here. The forest is the representation of the Haida culture and ideology. Their reverence for the environment and protecting the soothing ambience has helped them tto preserve this extraordinary rainforests. Coming here you will be surprised to see the large Spruce and cedar trees. This forest is not only one of the old growths of the rain forests of the world but also it is said that it has got world’s largest cedar and spruce trees.

If you devote time to this jungle trip this very place can simply enchant you. The lush green temperate rain forest of the Naikoon Provincial Park is really amazing. You can arrange a trip with the help of the professionals available here. Apart from this the main attraction is the Gawaii Haanas National Park Reserve.

This vast National Reserve covers the bottom of the archipelago. This reserve forest is really vast and it takes quite a time to cover up a portion of it. It is ranks as the best and top park of North America and it is said by the botanists and researchers that this is one of the forests that is still intact and beautiful in its essence.

Apart from the different species of trees there are also different types of birds and animals. If you are lucky enough you will be able to see bald eagles and bears. The sea shore of this very Island has enhanced its beauty to a great extent. Sometimes sea-lions and orcas are found at the sea shore. It is said that the islands are the ‘Canada’s Galapagos’.