Restaurants At Sagada in Philippines

During your tour to the prosperous mountain town of Sagada in Philippines, which is a mountain province, located in the largest of Philippines, that is Luzon, you will experience a calm and quiet life amidst the natural water falls, limestone caves, beautiful green trees and plants, pretty flowers making the valley colorful along with an opportunity to come in contact with the friendly and cooperative rural people and to know their indigenous culture.

Your tour will include amusements like hiking, caving into the natural limestone caves, swimming in the chilling waters of the natural fountains, camping in the valleys. But a trip to Sagada is never complete unless you try the local food fare. This offers a variety of cuisines in the restaurants that are either owned by foreigners who have come and settled here, o the local people. Thus it is evident that a great deal of culinary options are available, ranging from local cookery to American, British and French cuisines as well.

A French buffet at every Saturday night at the Log Cabin is something one must enjoy. It is prepared by French cooks and in peak seasons it is over flooded by customers. Anyways, it is always wise to make a prior booking before going there.

Yoghurt house, a two storey building, which is a short walk down the hill from the main town, is renowned for the exclusive dishes made with yoghurt, which are served in ways like with fruits, pancakes, granola or as dressings for mixed salad or fresh local vegetables. Vegetarian meals, pasta, salads are also available here and it is famous among the foreigners.

An economical option is Strawberry Fast Food, which is a tiny restaurant serving two Filipino dishes as Arozcaldo; a breakfast item of chicken stew with rice and Mami; chicken or pork noodle soup.

The Co-op Canteen, inside the mission gates, towards the Episcopalian Church, is also an economic option, serving good coffee along with banana cake, carrot cake, lemon meringue cake. Meals are not available here. Bana’s Café and Restaurant is a famous coffee shop, operating as the only espresso shop in Sagada. Along with a variety of coffee styles like iced, brewed, roasted or espresso, it excels in their famous civet coffee, prepared from coffee beans that are excreted by a civet.

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