Riding High – Guide To Mountain Biking

The thrill of discovering new landscapes is part of the thrill of exploring nature. Imagine doing this on a bike rather than on foot or by car. It’s the perfect speed for admiring nature at your own pace without rushing by in a vehicle or huffing and puffing on foot.Mountain biking is a sport for the adventurous and the brave. Most importantly, it is for those who know how to ride a bike. If you’ve had more accidents on your bike than on your feet, then reconsider your plans for mountain biking. Perhaps walking would be a better option.

Yet, enthusiasm for the sport and determination to learn can convert an amateur into a good mountain biker. Of course, it is easier said than done, as there are plenty of practical aspects involved. Beginners need to start preparation in advance in order to ride a mountain bike without major disasters.

Read the following brief guide to mountain biking before planning an expedition along a bike trail.

The almost-perfect bike
There may be no such thing as a perfect bike so you may have to settle for the second best. Any bike you purchase may get smashed if you handle it wrongly. Select a good bike, therefore, that you can manage easily. Research your options thoroughly before visiting the store. Try out the bike, while wearing the protective gear. This enables you to gain an idea of whether the bike is suitable and comfortable for you.

Gear up
Literally and figuratively, you need to ‘gear up’ for your mountain bike ride. Firstly, ensure that all your protective gear – helmets, elbow pads, kneepads – is in place.

In addition, you need to shape up physically and mentally. Exercise regularly to make your body fit enough for biking. Good stamina is necessary for mountain biking.

Know thy bike and trail
Biking over rough terrains doesn’t offer much in the way of repair shops or friendly neighbors. Besides knowing how to ride your bike, you should also know how to take care of it. Fixing any problems that may crop up with the tires or chains is your responsibility on a bike trail. Moreover, ensure that you are familiar with the bike trail in order to be prepared for imminent dangers.

Mountain biking is an enjoyable and adventurous sport; just don’t take your safety for granted. Always plan and prepare.