Romancing The Greens – Visiting Germany

Rich in history, culture, full of magnificent museums, castles and churches, and natural beauty – this is Germany for you. And its not just the past, but you can also explore a lot of what modern day Germany has to offer – from theme parks to spa and wellness options and more. Once you step on the lush land that is Germany, you will realize why it is called the “Lungs of Europe”.

National Parks

The Bavarian National Forest Park

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The virginal landscape is profuse with 14 national parks. The Bavarian National Forest Park was the first founded park in Germany and is also most popular with visitors. The Berchtesgaden National park can be said to resemble paradise because of its unique location that is dominated by the second highest mountain of Germany – Watzman. At Jasmund National Park, tourists are lured by the casacading waters and greenery.

Outdoors and Wellness

The secluded Black Forest is thick with pine laden woodlands and reverberated with the cuckoo’s song. Go there for great hiking, biking and campaign experience. Adventure beckons with a canoe tour of country side, or you could opt for climbing course in Saxony’s “Grand Canyon”. Get floored by the panoramic view of beaches on Frisian Islands. Wellness is in the air, land and water of Germany, or so it seems, as there are around 350 spas and health resorts offering all kinds of treatments, from traditional massage to Qi Gong, the Chinese energy therapy.

Amusement Parks

The Europa park located in Rust will enchant you with the most exciting rides on offer. A must see adventure Land – where ancient trees line the shores of a big lake and also the banks of River Elz; while Fairy Tale Alley and Dwarf City will charm all. Phantasaialand is a little different because the park provides new attraction every year. The best way to survey the alnd is through Phantaaisaland Jet which gives an enchanting view of ground from the height of 10 meters.
For thrills, head to Heide Park. There are 50 attractions for visitors and the most popular is the wildlife park that has around 200 animals on display. Movie Buffs can check out Movie Park Germany, while animal lovers should head to Freizeitland Geiselwind. Hansa Park, Germany’s only maritime theme park is situated in the Baltic Sea and is another must visit.


Autostadt, VWs automotive exhibition complex, is one of the largest and most remarkable visitor centers of the world.

Churches and Castles

Aachen Cathedral germany

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Interestingly, 31 properties have been selected as World heritage sites by UNESCO and out of those 31 properties 11 are churches. Must Visits include Aachen Cathedral, speyer Cathedral, Palatinate Pilgrimage Church of Wies, St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. Michel’s Church. The Roman monuments are breath-takingly beautiful as are the Cathedral of St. Peter and Church of our lady in Trier. Plus, there are hundreds of well preserved forst, castles , churches and cathedrals.


Shop till you drop at the traditional market places that dot the down centers, while more than 400 shopping malls entice with exciting boutique, restaurants and cafes. And nearly all the cities have pedestrainized areas with large department stores and shopping arcades. The busiest shopping street in Germany is Zeil in Frankfurt. In Munich, the pedestrian area extends between Stachus (Karlsplatz) and MarienPlatz.

Interesting Places

There are ample places to visit in Germany. These places will not remind you of the ancient history and culture but will also keep you glued with the roots of the city. Most places are must-see destinations and have a unique feature of its own. They will surely make your trip a great overall vacation.


Frankfurt Germany

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Your visit to the city of Frankfurt is incomplete if you miss out on the museum Embankment festival, which is a multicultural festival with arts and crafts stalls, live music and culinary specialties. Interestingly sights that are a must see include St. Bartholomeus Cathedral, Saint Pauls Church,old  Opera House, Frankfurt Opera House, and St. Cathedrine’s Church. Franfurts oldest folk festival is the Dippemess (Festival of Stoneware), which takes place twice a year around Easter and towards the wnd of September.

Baden Baden

Also known as the “Summer Capital of Europe”, Baden Baden is a culture lovers delight. Quality exhibition and a variety of performances will please the avid culture connoisseur. Besides the churches and the castles, there are the 2,000 year- old Roman bath ruins – The Museum of Ancient Bathing Culture.


Bayern Germany

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The Food, Culture, scenery and people make Bayern a delightful city and lakes, rivers, forests, castles, and quaint churches can be seen throughout. Alpine roads in the southern part take you through historically significant towns such as Berchtesgaden, while Dachau has reminders of World War II. In Augsburg, you can learn about Martin Luther, while Richard Wager reminders fill Bayreuth, Munich is the big city. There’s so much to do in this region – you can sail on a boat to one of King Ludwig’s fairy tale castles and follow the Romantic Road through picturesque country side. In Munich, visit the Deutsches and BMW museums.



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The capital city of Bayern, it hosted the 1972 summer Olympics and is a candidate city for the 2018 Winter Olympics. A survey conducted by the Society’s center for Sustainable Destinations for the National Geographic traveler, ranked Munich as the 30th best destination from 100 historic places around the world. Look out for Marienplatz in the center of the city, while Peterskirche is the oldest church and Frauenkirche, the most famous building there. Four grand royal avenues of the 19th century with magnificent official buildings connect Munich’s inner city with the suburbs. The Hofbrauhausam Platzl, arguably the most famous beer hall worldwide, is located in the city center. It operates the second largest tent at the Oktoberfest, one of Munich’s most famous attractions.

More Places

Other cities worth exploring are Hamburg with its 800-year-old harbor, Berlin, Stuttgart with the Daimler (or Mercedes) museum, Hannover, Dusseldorf and the 12 Romanesque churches of Koln and Nuremberg.