Rome: A Land Of Churches

Rome is one of the best cities of Italy. Millions of tourists every year come over to Rome. There are several churches in Rome and this city is considered as the religious seat of Italy. Various churches and basilicas spread through out the land.

Those who are religious minded obviously will like the churches and basilicas of Rome. Other tourists are also going to like the churches of Rome. A trip to ancient city of Italy is really extraordinary.

Churches: There are several churches in Rome. The beat of all the churches of Rome is St. Peter’s Basilica. This is generally considered as the biggest and richest church of Italy. Millions of tourists from all the corners of the world come over to Rome to visit this Church. On special days this very church can attract at least 20,000 visitors.

The first Basilica of St Peter’s Basilica was built in the age of Constantine in 4th century. Later in the 15th century it was restored by Pope Nicholas V and also by Julius II. It is said that to complete the new basilica at least 150 years were taken. Great masters like Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, Giacomo della Porta, Carlo Maderno contributed their great works to this very Basilica.

Michelangelo completed the great dome of the Church. The outer facade and also the portico of the church were designed by another famous person that is Carlo Maderno. If you are lucky enough you can aslo see holy Pope while visiting St Peter’s Basilica. Basilica and Catacombe di San Sebastiano is another significant religious place of Rome. The church is dedicated to St Sebastian.

He was martyred and coming here one can see the arrows by which he was killed. Here also you can see Jesus’ footprints on a marble slab. Catacombs are considered as the first catacombs of the land.

This place was used to keep the remains of St Peter and St Paul. Though the first level of the place is totally destroyed but the second level has all the frescoes and epigraphs. Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere is considered as the oldest chruch of Rome. This church is dedicated to Mother Mary. The interior decoration of the church is really stunning. The golden mosaics will make one awestruck.