Samaria Gorge: An Interesting Place Of Italy

Samaria Gorge is an extraordinary gorge of Italy that is greatly famous for trekking. It is said that Samaria Gorge of Italy is the longest gorge in Europe. Samaria Gorge is actually created by a river that runs between the peaks of Avlimanakou and Volakias.

Samaria Gorge has begun just from the Omalos Plateau. If one can visit Samaria Gorge during April and May one can see awesome collection of different wild flowers. Samaria Gorge at places at least is 150 m wide and its vertical walls at times reach 500m. Apart from the beautiful wild flowers one can also track here different endangered species of animals here.

Here one can see different endangered species like Cretan goat and the Kri-Kri. In the year of 1962 Samaria Gorge was turned into a National park to save such endangered animals like Kri-Kri. These animals are said to be very shy and they avoid the trekkers of this place. Each thousands of trekkers come over here to have an exciting experience.

Trekking: To enjoy trekking in the Samaria Gorge one should start early in the morning. If one can start early in the morning he or she can easily avoid the rash crowds of the later period. Since there is no particular place in the midst of the journey path so it is best to cover the whole path within proper time. Xyloskalo which a steep stone path with wooden rails that leads to the main gorge.

From this very place it takes at least 6 hours to reach Agia Roumeli, the next point. The Samaria Gorge is quite wide for the first 6 km path. Until one reaches the settlement of Samaria, the path is quite open and wide. Here one can visit a nice small church.

The church is actually dedicated to the Saint Maria of Egypt. When the Samaria Gorge is announced as a National Park the inhabitants of Samaria were relocated in this habitation. After crossing the settlement of Samaria the gorge narrows down gradually.

The natural beauty of the gorge is really awesome here and at one point the gap between two walls become 3.5m. One can never forget the famous Iron Gates here. Here the trekkers have to cross a 20m narrow wooden bridge over rushing river. Samaria Gorge ends at the point of Old Agia Roumeli. From this point one can easily cross more 2km to reach the seaside place of Agia Roumeli. The trekking through Samaria Gorge is an unforgettable experience.