Santiago Travel

Santiago, the capital of Chile is one of spectacular cities of the world. In the eastern region the snows capped Andean peaks and in the western part the small coastal area have ornamented this beautiful city. But the beauty of this city is being clouded by pollution, particularly in winter season. But never think that you won’t get anything to see in such a polluted metropolis. Satiago really caters appropriately the travel lovers.

History: On 12th February 1541 Pedro de Valdivia founded Santiago del Nuevo Extremo at the bottom of Huelen Hill which is now known as Cerro Santa Lucia. In 1872 the then mayor Benjamin Vicuna Mackenna transformed the Santa Lucia into a beautiful landscape public park. Even to this very day the park still exists. He tried his best to develop Santiago. After the World War II there came a change in the city and new urban jobs were opened to the people and with this the population also gradually increased. During 1960s the urban migration was a constant problem of this very city.

Santiago was the centre of 1973 coup which deposed Salvador Allende. He was the first democratically elected Marxist leader of the world. This was considered as the dark phase of this city. The oppressive rule of dictatorship changed the face of the country at that period.

Places To Visit: Santiago is a charming city with its booming cafe cultures and beautiful parks. In Plaza de Armes the beautiful glass paintings of the Cathedral Metropolitana will enchant you. You can also feast your eyes with the excellent paintings of the street artists at Plaza de Armes. This Plaza de Armes is the nerve centre of the city. Here you can also pass time just by listening to the brass band party. Then you can take rest at the road side coffee shop by having some snacks and coffee. There are several museums and art centres in this city where people can enjoy to their hearts content. The people who want to pass some time like bohemians, he or she can go to the old district of Barrio Brasil.

How to go: One can reach Santiago by air very easily. But this city is also connected with other major cities by highways and railways.