Santorini, Greece

Santorini is an island of Greece which is erupted from the volcanic after effects. It is one of those destinations where you will be able to find history, beach, resorts, water-sports everything in one pack. Talking about the history of Santorini, we will only be able to discuss the volcanoes. As the volcanoes are active at this place from 3 to 4 million years ago. If we get into the history of the place then definitely we won’t be able to praise the beauty of the exotic locations of Santorini. The most famous thing of Santorini is the Wine Industry. The island seems to be very small with very effective and ever increasing wine industry. The local wine makers are making good use of the volcanic soil and are having much knowledge about its chemistry.

Vinsanto is one of the most famous wines available in Santorini. Santorini is also one of those places which are in arms of good mountains. You will be able to have nice and beautiful scenic views as well as will also be able to experience the beaches as a lifetime achievement in terms of holidays.

The most photographic views includes Panoramic view of the Santorini caldera, Panoramic view of Santorini’s principal city, Typical Blue Dome at Oia, Santorini’s famous Red Beach, Thira, taken from a ship in the harbor, Sunset at Fira, Beautiful Sunset at Oia, Fira from Nea Kameni Volcanic Island, Prehistoric Site of Akrotiri, Linear A script etched on a vase found in Akrotiri, Volcanic craters at Santorini today, Stairway in Imerovigli, The Santorini windmills, Thira at night, Oia at night, The town of Oia, white caved dome.

Going to my experience white caved dome is one of the most scenic place as it covers the whole city from a small cave. That scene would not fade away from your memory for lifetime. Flights are easily available at the place heading to the Santorini National Airport directly.

Other way of transport which can again be a lifetime experience is by sea. The cruise ships and other High-speed boats are available at the place from almost every surrounding places. For roaming around in Santorini bus will prove to be less expensive and most convenient option for transport. If you are heading from nearby places then you can plan your weekends at the place or even can spend a week holiday for the people more interested in tourist attraction places with combination of historic places.