Sentosa Island, Singapore-the Sun-Kissed Beaches

Sentosa Island was a fishing village in initial days, is located in the southern coast of the main island of Singapore. Sentosa became a very popular destination among families and teenagers soon after government decided to develop this island.

Earlier it was also known as the island of the dead. You can reach Sentosa by a short cable car ride enjoying the breeze and the beauty of the island.

There are a lot of premium resorts available for you to spend you weekend here in Sentosa. A variety of attractions, museum, beaches and other facility provided for entertainment makes Sentosa one of the favorites. The nbature’s creation in Sentosa is simply ecstatic.

You can get on the sky tower or the tiger tower and enjoy the panoramic view of the island. There are cable cars available for you to get on to this tower. Butterfly Park or the insect kingdom is the place where you will feel as if you are very near to the nature. Here you will find almost 50 species of butterflies and 3000 species of insects.

Underwater World is located in the western part of Sentosa Island. It is an ocean aquarium full of fresh water animals with almost 250 species of fishes. You can enjoy your underwater tour by venturing the depth of the ocean from the aquarium and dive with the sharks here.  The Dolphin lagoon is the house to some humpback dolphins.

The musical fountain show during your holiday in Sentosa can never be missed. It is the world’s only show which is set near the beach which offers the mesmerizing songs of the sea. You can see the statue of the Merlion which was opened in the year 1996 and is one of the most enduring symbols of Singapore.

You can also explore the adventure park, beach club and the wave house of Sentosa. If you love sport you can try out flying trapeze.  And if you have planned your holiday during the New Year then you can spend some time enjoying the beach parties and look for the Sentosa Balloons Hats Festival held here every year.


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