Seven Underwater Wonders Of the World

Given below are seven underwater wonders of the world, which are a must-see for any travel enthusiasts all around the world.

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexander the Great city is sited off the seashores of Alexandria, at a position, which is known to possess the remains of the majestic areas of Cleopatra. Also, it is believed that a ruinous earthquake occurred almost 1500 years ago, due to which this city was thrown in the blue sea with its statues, artifacts and parts of Cleopatra palace. Alexandria City has plans of providing underwater tours of this wonder.

Bay of Cambay, India

In Bay of Cambay in India ruins of almost 9500 yrs old has been found. The huge underwater wrecks own human remnants and important structural design. This discovered city was named as Dwarka and is believed to be the city where Lord Krishna dwelled.

Kwan Phayao, Thailand

Kwan Phayao is one of the extraordinary Thai holy places; approximately 500 yr old and is located at the flooring of Phayao Lake. Every year countless tourists across the world visit this place, where huge restoration projects are planned.

Yonaguni-Jima, Japan

Yonaguni-Jima is nothing, but the submerged pyramids that were found off the coastlines of Japan. This incident took place around 20 yrs back and has puzzled everyone in the country. These days numerous underwater tours are planned for visiting this site.

Havana, Cuba

A scientist’s team has discovered megalithic remains that are located close to Cuba within the Yucatan Channel. This team had discovered huge built-up surroundings that was several miles long and extended by the side of Cuba shorelines. Numerous scientists believed that this society discovered here was populated by the old American civilizations.

Atlantis and Antarctica

Numerous years ago a dazzling detection was made by a group of researchers who were associated with the museum located in Istanbul. They located a place which is known to be the present day Antarctica.

They have also discovered one more submerged continent of Atlantis. Both of these discoveries were made with the help of an antique map.  Atlantis and Antarctica are positioned off the shorelines of Mediterranean Sea.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is known to be the single largest system of coral reefs across the world. It is situated off the coastline of Queensland in the continent of Australia. The total length of the reef is 1,600 miles and is visible from the outer space.