Shopping Areas And Things To Shop In Bangkok

Bangkok is the ultimate place to shop whether you are looking for economical products or branded ones. Currently there is no place like Bangkok, if you are looking for unlimited shopping. It is the ideal hub for all kinds of items especially where fashionable products are concerned.

One of the major benefits for tourists shopping here is bargaining. There is a lot of space for negotiations that will help you save a lot of your hard earned money. Along with countless options for clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories and watches and perfumes you can also get the best deals where gems are concerned.

Bangkok has so much to offer that you can’t even imagine in your wildest dreams! When we say ‘shop till you drop’, it perfectly fits the scene where Bangkok shopping experience is concerned. Be assured while shopping at this destination, as it will give you a value of every penny that you spend.

Also, you don’t really have to worry, since Bangkok has diverse products and items that will fit any planned budget. Here is a simple guide to help you track down the best shopping malls and hubs in Bangkok and also give you an idea about the specialties of the place-

Things To Buy In Bangkok


One of the major items that Bangkok is known for is its rare and fine antiques. From masks to puppets and sculptures to wood carvings and paintings, the antiques available here are just striking enough to suit the décor of your house.

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Make sure you only opt for genuine products, if you are looking for a worth of your expenses.

Clothing And Fashion Accessories

Bangkok is an ideal place whether you are looking for branded clothes and accessories or local ones. The range of clothes and fashion products available here will mesmerize your senses.

You can find unlimited roadside shops selling low cost clothes and accessories here in this city. Along with this you can visit a number of luxury malls and night markets if you are looking for quality stuff.


You can shop for good quality cotton fabrics as well as batik ones here in Bangkok. These can be easily used as table ware, linen and furnishings in your house. Embroidered fabrics are also available. Make sure you pick loads of them as they are greatly known for their durability.

Another specialty of the place is silk fabrics. From printed ones to woven you will get a variety of silk here that are all hand crafted. The natural look and the unique texture of the fabric will definitely compel you to pick some for yourself.


Thailand is known for its silverware from ancient times. It is originally considered as a form of art in the country. The collection of silverware and ornaments that you will get here is one of its own kinds. Thai silverware is something that you should just get your hands on.

Along with these products, the other ones that you can grab the best deals in include gems, jewelry, potteries, leather ware and products and gold ornaments. Don’t forget to shop for electronics and latest gadgets when in Bangkok. You won’t find them any less cheap anywhere in the world!

Major Shopping Hubs And Destinations In Bangkok

Chatuchak Market

This is one market that is organized during the weekends. It is definitely one of the ‘must see’ shopping landmarks when it comes to Bangkok. The vastness of the entire market will take you off your feet! You will require at least an entire day if you want to see even half of the items available at Chatuchak.

The variety of products available here is another reason why you should visit this market. There are thousands of stalls selling different products here and the place is visited by countless tourists and locals every weekend. The items available here are cheap and can be bargained for.

Mah Boon Krong (MBK)

This shopping hub is open all the days of the week and serves you with a good range of handicrafts, jewelry, bags, clothing, shoes, toys and hair accessories. You can get the best and the latest products here.

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So this is one place that should definitely be added to the shopping itinerary for Bangkok.

Chinatown Shopping

The hustle bustle of this place is something that attracts many tourists. Along with a great experience of the Chinese culture and art you can get a knack of Chinese cuisines as well as Chinese products here at Chinatown.

From amazing textiles to artifacts and sculptures and handicrafts to toys and household items, they have a lot to offer their customers with.


If you are someone who has a fascination for fashionable products and loves to stay updated then Pratunam is the perfect place to shop from. They have loads of variety when it comes to shoes, bags, clothing and other accessories.

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Another benefit to shop here is that the stalls here will deliver your packages to your hotel and save you on a lot of hassle.

Platinum Mall

One of the top in the list when it comes to favorites of girls, Platinum Mall has endless options for shopping. Since Platinum Mall is more into wholesaling items, you can get products at quite a low-priced rate.

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Bargaining is something that is quite possible here and this is one of the major reasons why girls love making a visit to this mall.

Night Markets

This is one of the main things that Bangkok is known for. There are a variety of night markets available in the city, if the day is just not enough to shop.

The best ones include Patpong, Khao San Road, Ratchoyothin, Klong Thom, Ratchada and Saphan Phut among many others. After dark shopping is something that you will really enjoy here in the city.

Siam Paragon

If you are looking for high end shopping with all the brands under the same roof then make a visit to Siam Paragon in Bangkok.

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Along with these some other malls that can be paid a stopover are Panthip Plaza, Ratchaprasong, Silom, Victory Monument and Tailors. So get ready with your shopping bags and try out Bangkok today!