Singapore Crocodile Farm

The Singapore Crocodile Farm, which opened I 1945, is located in Upper Serangoon. The farm is well known for the rearing and breeding of crocodile and you can find many species here such as the Tomistoma and Caiman. You can also buy leather products which are made from the skin of the crocodiles.

Once you reach the crocodile farm you need to look over the walls at the right and at the back of the area to have a view of the crocodiles. I know it will be a short visit to the crocodile farm but don’t forget to enter the gift shop. The shop has many souvenirs which you will be tempted to buy straightaway.


The crocodile farm is the brainchild of Mr. Tan Gna Chua who converted his one acre land into a reptile farm. This was a first in Singapore and till today this park is very popular. It all started with only ten crocodiles but with a good breeding program, the numbers grew rapidly. Inside the farm there is a factory wherein the crocodile skin is used to make many beautiful products, sold at the gift shop and in international markets.


There are conducted tours and you need to check for more information. If there are more than 45 persons then advance booking is essential. Feeding shows can be arranged on request.


From the time of its inception, Singapore croc farm allowed the visitors to have a look around without paying a dime. Still today the rule stands. Admission is free.


Daily 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs

How to Get There

The following buses will take you to Singapore Crocodile Farm – 80, 81, 82, 101, 107, 136 & 153.

You can take the bus either from Kovan MRT or Serangoon MRT. You need t get down at Serangoon Shopping Center If you are approaching from Kovan MRT station and you should get down opposite to Serangoon Shopping Center if you are coming from Serangoon MRT.

The Farm is an absolute must visit as it is the last remaining crocodile farm in Singapore. It has more than 100 crocodiles and the numbers should go up as they have a successful breeding program.