Singapore Zoological Gardens

The Singapore Zoo is one of the celebrated zoos of the world.  The animals are separated from the visitors y the use of natural barriers like streams, rock walls and vegetation. The zoo follows the concept of an open zoo. Te zoo spreads over 28 hectares and is home to more than 3 600 mammals, birds and reptiles. The zoo also has a unique orang utan breeding program.

The zoo has also witnessed a rare thing – the birth of a polar bear. There are many other animals which are safe in this wonderful zoo and efforts are on to breed tem successfully. Some of these animals are sealion, Komodo dragon, proboscis monkey and the white rhino. There is also an enclosure called Fragile Forest which will teach you about the various ecosystems and the rainforests.

While at the zoo it will be very difficult for you to miss the exhibit where the savannah climatic zone of Ethiopia has been re-created. The area has a number of landscapes to make it as realistic as possible and it offers a perfect habitat for a number of animals and tribal villages. The animals that you will see here are mainly hamadryas baboons, black backed jackal and the banded mongoose.

There is a tram service the covers the entire zoo and offers an exciting view of the attractions. There is lovely commentary too for your benefit. The tram tour however, should be followed by a walking tour. There are provisions in the zoo wherein the tourists can enjoy a heart breakfast in the companion of Oriental small clawed otter, the reticulated python and the highly endangered Orang Utan. This is known as the Wild Breakfast and is held at 0900 hrs sharp. Adults need to pay 15.80 SGD for this.

Fast Facts

Open:                                 0830 hrs to 1800 hrs
Admission:                      18 SGD for adults and 12 SGD for children
Tram Rides:                     5 SGD for adults and 2.50 SGD for children (unlimited rides on both weekdays and weekends)
Horse-Carriage Ride:   6 SGD per person
Elephant Ride:                8 SGD per person
Boat Ride:                         5 SGD for adults and 3.5 SGD for children
Pony Ride:                        6 SGD for children