Some Important Things To See In Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the most interesting and colourful cities of the world. Berlin the nerve centre of Germany has witnessed several ups and downs in world history. Berlin was the place where history had penned down several changes.

Now thousands of tourists from all the corners of the world come over to Berlin to visit this extraordinary city. The vibrant and lively charm of Berlin will make you feel throbbing with life. There are numerous things to see and enjoy in Berlin but there are some important things that one should not miss to see while he or she is travelling in Berlin. A trip to this very city is really exciting and at the same time worthwhile.

Attractions: There are several things to see in Germany. One of the most important things to visit in Germany is the Reichstag. One can have breath-taking view from the top of the German Federal Parliament building. One can easily catch the lift here and then one has to climb the spiraling ramp that is wrapped around the glass dome of the building. To avoid crowd one can go there early in the morning or in the night.

One can also book an organised tour in advance and also can book one’s seat at the fantastic rooftop restaurant here. Brandenburger Tor or the Brandenburg Gate is another important thing to see in Berlin. Carl Gotthard Langhans was the maker of this very triumphal arch and he got his inspiration from the Acropolis of Athens. This very gate was considered as the royal entrance gate to the city of Berlin.

The columns of the gate are not evenly spaced and the wide centre part was used by the Royal family to enter through the gate. The walkways were used by other people. This fantastic gate was related to the great wall of Berlin that separated the city in to parts. Checkpoint Charlie was considered as the main gate. This gate was used by the Allies, diplomats and non-Germans to pass through from one part of Berlin to another before 1991.

This Checkpoint Charlie has become an interesting place for the tourists. Each year thousands of tourists come over here to see the memorable symbol of the Cold War of Germany. The tourists used to take snap standing in front of the replica of the guardhouse.