St Lucia Island Of Romance

St Lucia is an island which is in the eastern part of Caribbean Sea and has a boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic sea. It is a very small island and is only 27 miles wide and has been a holiday spot over the years.

The island is the home of 174 thousand people thus making it a densely populated country but not overpopulated country. It is very small compared to its neighboring countries/islands. Though it is a very small island but it is a very well known in the history and what it can give to its visitors.

St Lucia - An Island of romance

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It is the most tropical island of the Caribbean island. It has mountains with thick forests, waterfalls, and beautiful coral beaches. It is an island of romance and has been voted as the world’s best honeymoon destination thus it is voted as the ideal place to fall in love.

It is an English speaking country and has an advantage over its neighbors in tourism. The island has various exciting places. The island also offers the wide choice of transportation to the visitors.

Exciting Places On The Island

The island has various exciting places for e.g. it has a solo drive through the volcano. The island also has various natural and national rainforests which brings us very close to the nature. While walking through the forests one can see various species of birds and animals and can enjoy the nature so closely.

St Lucia

Also the island has beautiful scenery and excellent beaches and one can see various turtles as well as other sea animals. The island has various golden beaches and it is an awesome experience to dine by the sea. The sand on the island varies from white to golden color.

The Diamond Botanical gardens on the island are also incredible and very popular holiday attraction and should not be missed. The island has something for everybody.

Island Of Dream

St Lucia is an island of dream and has unspoiled natural beauty. The natural beauty of the island is beyond compare. It is an island which is completely dedicated to the couples. The island is a kind of dream which every couple would like to go and visit.

St Lucia is an island of dream

The island has various luxurious accommodations and it also gives the option of water and land games and has an array of restaurants what more can one ask for. It has various Golden sand beaches and one can relax at the beach and see the amazing sunset and the romantic Caribbean music also add wonders to the environment.

The Caribbean island is filled with magical and exotic moment that every couple will ask for. The island has also won an award of World’s best honeymoon destination award continuously over the past five years i.e., from 2006 to 2010 and also in 2002 and 2003.

It is one of the most beautiful and romantic island. The island also has various elegant hotels, spa resorts and boutiques and also it is rich in condominiums. The islands Twin Piton Mountain towers are like the majestic giants on the island. It also has eye catching flora plantations.

St Lucia Attractions

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The island has multifaceted cultural heritage as it can be seen through colorful coastal villages and extensive banana plantation over the island. The people are also very friendly as they welcome the tourist with a constant smile and have great welcoming spirit thus making it more comfortable for the tourist to stay on the island.

The holiday season of the island lasts from January to July. It is the best time when people from all over the globe can come and visit the island and enjoy the hot climate and views of the island.

The sea is spread all over the island thus it gives the tourists various options. One can go for the activities like hiking and scuba diving and can enjoy on the island as the island has stunning beaches and shores. Beaches like Pigeon Island, Dolphin beach; Choc Bay and Rodney Bay are the most liked beaches on the island and these beaches offer various land and water activities to the tourist. St Lucia is an ideal place to enjoy the night life.

St Lucia Style: Love and Romance

St Lucia Style Love and Romance

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From the moment of arrive to the moment of depart the island will offer the great level of romance and that is what one can experience from the honeymoon destination. It can make the honeymoon trip as one of the most memorable trip.

The island has natural beaches, natural waterfalls and miles and miles of unspoiled rainforests. The island has something or the other which it can offer to everybody or anybody. It is good for those who like adventure sports like hiking and rock climbing and also for those who like water games, beaches and sunset.

The twin Piton Mountains are famous and are best for activities like hiking and climbing on the island. The mountains are formed by the volcanic eruptions and are over 30 million years old. The mountains jet out from the Caribbean Sea and offer the best scenery which any one can imagine.

majestic Piton Mountains

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Addition to the majestic Piton Mountains the island has various Golden Sand beaches which is the best place to enjoy the activities like windsurfing, diving, boating and snorkeling. To swim along with turtles which migrate to the island and to see the dolphins jumping and having fun is something which is beyond imagination.

The island also offers other activities like horseback riding; take a tour through the rain forest, golf, walking through the gardens and visiting the various shops and restaurants and also experience fun of the night life or local night spots.

Thus St. Lucia has almost everything that one can ask for. It is a perfect place for adventure, romance and rejuvenation. Natural waterfalls and some of the breath taking views are the specialty of the island. The island also has tropical weather, various welcoming accommodations and unexpected adventures are some of the exceptions of the island. Imagine having a candle light dinner on the secluded island and beach is something which is beyond imagination and compare.