St. Stephen’s Basilica

When you visit the capital city of Hungary, Budapest, you will be experiencing a mix of ancient, medieval and modern in almost everything, be it cuisine, attractions and sightseeing places, activities, monuments etc. And the best part is that all of these things will be equally exciting.

So even if you are not particularly interested in monuments or exploring the old part of the city, you will somehow enjoy the feel of it in the air of the city.

One place that you will definitely adore will be St. Stephen’s Basilica. A delight for many photographers and those interested in history and architecture, this basilica was built in the honour of the first king of Hungary, known as Stephen.

Equal in height to the Hungarian Parliament Building, this basilica at 96 metres or 315 feet becomes one of the two tallest buildings located in Budapest. It took 54 years to construct this marvel which was finally finished in the year 1905.

In 1868, the dome had collapsed, because of which the entire ground work had to be done again after demolishing it, and that is known to be one of the main reasons behind the delay in the construction of the basilica.

Today, students and tourists from all over the world come to visit this place to learn more about the beauty of the Roman architecture and also to get a sense of the Roman Catholic culture.

The ground plan of the place is known to be Greek, and what’s fascinating are the two bell towers located there. Out of these two towers, the Southern tower has the famous biggest bell of Hungary which has a weight of about 9 tonnes.

From the top of the dome (which is now accessible to the visitors via elevators), one can get a full view of the city of Budapest. You will love the beauty of this place and will enjoy the great experience.

For information and assistance, there are help counters at the basilica, and you can choose guided tours if you wish to. Souvenirs and other items related to St. Peter’s Basilica can easily be attained at any of the close souvenir shops, or for that matter at any of the innumerable souvenir shops all over Budapest.