Summer Vacation in Thailand

One of the most exotic places to spend you summer vacation in is Thailand. Whether your first summer together as a married couple or your high school graduation trip there is something for everyone in this place.

From exotic night clubs to fascinating beaches to ancient Buddhist temples, you can never get bored of spending time in this country. The best time to visit Thailand; however is during the summers because that is when you can truly enjoy your trip.

Thailand boasts of weather that stays uniformly balmy at all times of the year, it is only a few regions that have a cold winter. In view of the excellent weather conditions, Thailand makes for a great year-round destination too.

The beaches in Thailand are one of the most beautiful and are certainly worth a visit. Beachside activities like parasailing, riding a water scooter and other assorted water sports are also popular.

Thailand has plenty of green cover and offers a great variety in terrain and for those interested in trekking and rock climbing, there are several opportunities available. Safari rides taken through the conservation parks are also highly enjoyable; several rare species of birds and animals can be found here.

Buddhism is the predominant religion in Thailand; there are several Buddhist temples located all over the country. The Buddhist temples are tourist attractions and several tourists come to these temples to take courses on Buddhism.

Thai cuisine is very popular; the use of fresh herbs and spices is unique. The indigenous flavors exercise quite a pull on the visitors as well. All of the above mentioned seems very interesting doesn’t it? Well it is much more than you can imagine.

However one of the biggest questions that linger on everyone’s mind is that “how much this would cost me?” Well, being Thailand, not very much. It is one of the cheapest and best places for a vacation.

In fact if you take a budget of around $1000 for a month or so, you can stay in a fairly decent hotel in down town Bangkok and even visit other cities in the country. Thailand will provide you the vacation you are looking for.



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