Switzerland and Mauritius-The Most Exotic Honeymoon Locations

Are you getting married soon? From the hundreds of things that you need to do, planning your honeymoon is definitely in your must do radar. There are various destinations where you can go for your honeymoon, but Switzerland and Mauritius are considered to be the most sought after and the most exotic honeymoon locations in the world. You must be thinking as to what is so special about these places as compared to other locations. Well, once you actually see these locations, you will come to know that why these places have honey moony feel to it.


If you ask more than half of the soon to be married couples about their ideal honeymoon destination, they would say it is Switzerland. Why Switzerland has been on the honeymooning couples radar since ages is no longer a mystery anymore. Scenic beauty, snowcapped mountains, natural landscapes all makes Switzerland the epitome of beauty.

And who can forget those yummy for tummy chocolates. Chocolates of Switzerland are so famous that if you come from Switzerland without chocolates, you will be simple barred from entering your own country.

Being to each and every place in Switzerland won’t be possible and even economically viable for you. So select some of the destinations which are ideal for honeymoon couple. Luzern and Interlaken in Interlaken can be picked on account of their scenic beauty and luscious locales. Lakes all across Switzerland are so serene and beautiful that you would like to be around it all the time. Mount Titlis is one of the most romantic places in Switzerland. Another great location is jungfraujoch. All in all, Switzerland can be easily termed as honeymooner’s paradise.


If you both are beach lovers, than Mauritius is just the ideal location for you. Mauritius will attract you, enchant you and make you fall in love with it. However, apart from he breathtakingly beautiful beaches, Mauritius also boasts of pleasing to the eye scenery, amazing waterfalls, astounding rainforest, wildlife etc. Mauritius beaches are surrounded by lot of lovely palm trees and white sands making it all the more magical.

From surfing at tamarin to hiking at Mt Limon or just enjoying lying around the beaches, you can do it all. Also, you ca indulge in water sports activities such as scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling. If you ever had a dream about being in the deserted island with your loved one, than Mauritius shall definitely fill the picture of island in that dream.