Taking a Day Trip To Pattaya

When you go on a holiday you often think about which other nearby place you can go to from there. If you are going on a budgeted holiday then Bangkok is the place for you. When you visit Bangkok you need not spend all your days there; you can take day trips or overnight trips to the smaller beach resorts around Bangkok.Pattaya is a good option for an overnight trip. You can take a private car or go buy the bus services available that go regularly to Pattaya. Both options are quite cheap. It takes about two hours to reach Pattaya. You need not book a hotel in advance as there are lots of them there and you can decide if you want to be close to the beach or not.

There is a public beach for all in Pattaya and it is flooded with tourists all through the day. Only if you are a beach person you should go to Pattaya as there is not much shopping and sightseeing to do there. Food is aplenty and you can try out the various cuisines available.

The reason to stay in Pattaya is so that you can see the Alcazar show which takes place in a beautiful auditorium at night. It is necessary to buy tickets in advance so do not reach the show and decide to buy it as it will surely be sold out. The show starts at nine o’clock and make sure you go early. The show has a variety of beautiful and well co ordinate dances by the beautiful transvestites. You will simply be flawed. Before the show these people come out all dressed up and you can take photographs with them. It is simply amazing.

You do not need to dress up for the show it is very casual. Even shorts are allowed. Do not worry if you have missed the photo session in the beginning as they come out once again after the show So do not forget to take your camera. Taking photos and recording the show is strictly not allowed. So it is worth spending that extra money for an overnight stay in Pattaya just so that you see the show.