The Best Places For Shopping In Singapore

One of the most beautiful places in the world; one can start to get a sense of the country’s beauty right when they land at the Changi airport. The airport does a very brilliant job in displaying the exotic beauty that is the country of Singapore.

As big a tourist destination this country is, it is also a very big shopping place, known to the entire world. In fact, shopping is such a big event in Singapore that it is considered a national pass time for the people. Singapore is a country where everything is available. The prices are very affordable and there is something for everyone to buy. From places that offer high profile shopping items to places where you could fill your suitcases with a few dollars of shopping, everything is here.

For such a geographically small country, Singapore is one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world. It is a very big tourist destination, and in fact most of the tourists who come to Singapore come for the shopping here. This is because even after adding the flight fares to the shopping one does, it is much cheaper than some countries. In addition to that the entire country and all the towns that it has have huge shopping complexes.

The Orchard Road

the orchard road singapore

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The most posh area of Singapore. The Orchard road is similar to London’s Oxford Street. It is filled with beautiful malls on either side and lined up with organized street venders in front for people to buy snacks from. There are malls like Tanglin mall and Plaza Singapura. These malls are the complete package as being multi-floored they offer the customers the option to buy anything and everything they want. Every mall has a food court, so you can never get hungry or tired while you shop here.

The Chinatown

The Chinatown singapore

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If the country has a 75% Chinese population, then a Chinatown is a must. The small crowded and noisy streets really make one feel alive and active. Things are very cheap here as they are mostly handmade and the quality is not the highest. However that is never of any concern because the shopping adventure here is really amazing as fun can buy a bag full of stuff for very cheap prices and these items make for great gifts.

The Riverside Shopping and Clarke Quay

The Riverside Shopping and Clarke Quay

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The Singapore river is one of the most loved national treasure for the people of this country. All along the riverside shopping stalls are set up. As such you can shop and admire the beauty that is the river. If you are on a boat ride then you can admire all the shopping. Either way it is a win-win situation. Again, the shopping here is very, very cheap and of course one can freely bargain to one’s heart’s content. Riverside shopping in Singapore is an experience you will not experience anywhere else in the world.

The Marina Bay

The Marina Bay singapore

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The bay is a very famous spot in Singapore because it was created from reclaimed land from the Sea in the 1970s. It is located in the Central South district of Singapore and today is a commercial town for the luxurious hotels and extravagant offices that are a part of the bay. However its heart is still the shopping centers. Most of these shopping centers offer tourist souvenirs, as such if you haven’t found anything yet, you will surely find something her to take for your loved ones.

The Harbor Front Precinct

Harbor Front Precinct singapore

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The Harbor Front Precinct is located in the Southern portion of Singapore and it faces the heavenly island of Sentosa. This is also the place with Singapore’s night life. Being full of bars, and night clubs this place will really help you get going. It can also give you a chance to mix up with the locals and have a really good time. Not to mention going to Sentosa will be a lifetime experience because with the beach and the amusement rides and shopping it is really like being in utopia.

The Town of Little India

The Town of Little India singapore

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The name speaks for itself, because yes this town does do a very good job of representing India in a nutshell. The whole town is on its toes active all throughout the day with people going about their business and tourists going about their fascination of this town. With the huge shopping centre like Mustafa one really doesn’t need to go any further because this mall will offer everything you are looking for and that too at very, very affordable prices. As such go to little India, and go crazy.

The Geylang Serai

The Geylang Serai singapore

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This is the eastern part of the nation and since the mid-1800s it has been the centre for the Malay community. You can go here to experience and be a part of the Malay culture and buy exotic items that are specific to these people. It is a great sightseeing and shopping experience. Malay art is said to very famous and a lot of art lovers come here to buy the very same.

The Holland Village

The Holland Village singapore

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The name is derived from Hugh Holland in 1907. He was an architect and an amateur actor who lived in Singapore. Now it has developed into a very popular tourist spot. It is also incredibly famous with the locals because of the open-street market here. You can buy things like Asian-made crafts and arts. Handmade jewelry that can be gifted to people and other small and valuable items for very cheap rater.


Singapore is a very diverse society as such every community that is present in the nation has its own identity either in the form of a town where the majority of those people reside or through shopping. Either way the groups have full opportunity to bring out their culture to tourists and spread their traditions.

This is why tourists love coming to Singapore, because regardless of being such a small country, its multiculturalism and diversity is bigger than most other countries. In addition to that when it comes to being able to shop so much in such close quarters, it is very irresistible.


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