The Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival is known as DSF in short. It is a world famous shopping festival in the jewel of the middle east – Dubai, which has not only become one of the most glittering and sophisticated modern cities in the world, but also a major commercial nerve center of world and Arabian trade.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event. The event was first started in February 1996. It was started by the Dubai government with the sole motive of promoting trade and shopping in Dubai and so that foreign exchange comes into the country.

However, the Dubai Shopping Festival has surpassed all expectations and has become not only an international retail and shopping event, but also a cultural conglomerate and an outright extravaganza that is enthusiastically attended by people from all over the world every year – thereby increasing foreign trade, retail, business and foreign exchange reserves in Dubai and also promoting the tourism industry in Dubai and giving it a huge impetus every year.

The duration of the shopping festival is one month. The DSF has the slogan – ‘One family, One world, One festival‘. There are also two other slogans that are sometimes used. They are – ‘Where the celebrations last a month and the memories, a lifetime‘ and ‘The world’s best brands at the world’s lowest prices‘.

The activities of the Dubai Shopping Festival are mainly centered around the Global Village. The original location of the Global Village was near Garhood Bridge, but it has now been shifted permanently to Dubai Land. This was done before the 2005 festival. The Global Village hosts exhibitions, stalls and cultural shows from across the world during the month-long festival.

Another popular shopping destination is the Carpet Oasis. If you are a carpet lover, this is most certainly the place to be during the DSF. If you are a carpet lover, this is most certainly the place to be during the DSF. It is here that carpets of every imaginable variety from all across the world are displayed. The Carpet Oasis was hosted in the Dubai Airport Expo, but from 2005, it has been hosted in the Dubai World Trade Center.

For those who wish to visit Dubai during the DSF, it is usually a melee of discounts and offers as regards to traveling and accommodation. There are many travel agencies and airlines which offer discounted air tickets to Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival from locations all over the world. Around 300 hotels in Dubai also provide discounted accommodation during the festival.

If you are a shopping aficionado, and if finding the best brands from all over the world at the cheapest price is your desire, then Dubai Shopping Festival is the ideal place for you. With its mix of shopping and retail opportunities, and its heavy concoction of entertainment options, it promises to enthrall you for the entire period of one month.



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