The Ha Long Bay

If you are looking at the list of one of the most beautiful places on earth then definitely the list will include The Ha Long Bay. The Ha Long Bay situated in the northern region of vietnam is a real scene which according to me no one should miss if someone is planning for a small holiday or a long vacation.

The view and places of the places around this Bay will prove to be one of the lifetime picture which is not going to erase from your eyes ever. The best way to get to The Ha Long Bay is to rent a car, it might prove to be a bit expensive but you will be able to cover almost all the major scenes of the places around it.

So suggested way is car, other than that you can also prefer bus. There are some travel agencies available which provide bus services to the Bay. The enjoyment of boat, crew, food and other additional activities will definitely take you far away from your routine life. If after coming here you feel that you are not existing on the world you know then there is no wrong in that as the place deserves this sentence.

The other activities earlier mentioned includes cave visits, kayaking, swimming, trekking the Titov mountain situated nearby, bike riding amongst rice paddies. If you are going with your children then there are lots of monkeys to play with your children. One of the rare features available is the Helicopter ride which a few travel agencies are providing over this Bay. That would give you the exact picture of how the God has designed this place. Even in sun you will find the water so refreshing that you would love to go out even in sun.

However you might have some problem with the food as the packages of food available here are the ones which might not be enough for you and you might have to depend on the snacks so you need to be ready with the snacks thing also. So, go ahead and plan for a good holiday at this Bay and surrounding places with a surety of enjoyment and relaxation.