The Luxurious Hotel Bellagio, Las Vegas

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful and mesmerizing city of Las Vegas, then you deserve a world class treatment for yourself. A visit to this striking city in USA definitely calls for a royal treatment and a stay in one of the best hotels all around the globe. One of the ideal places to stay in Las Vegas is the extraordinary Bellagio. This hotel is especially recommended for those who don’t really have a budget to follow while holidaying in Las Vegas. The hotel has innumerable facilities to offer when it comes to comfort and lavishness. In simple words, the Hotel Bellagio can be defined as a replica of extravagance, elegance and romance.

Once you have made up your mind to stay at this hotel, it is quite imperative to know everything about the place. This is especially advisable since you will be spending a fortune to get the experience and feel of Bellagio. For this you will need a simple guide to make you aware of the various benefits and facilities that the hotel has to offer its guests with. From fine restaurants to a world class casino and mind blowing rooms for stay, you will find countless reasons to pick Bellagio when in Las Vegas. Here goes the experiences that will take you off your feet when it comes to Bellagio-

Attractions of Bellagio, Las Vegas

The Fountains of Bellagio

One of the major attractions that will catch your eye while staying or even visiting Hotel Bellagio in  Las Vegas are The Fountains of Bellagio. The place also calls for millions of tourists every year as sightseeing landmarks in the Las Vegas strip.

The place is also internationally renowned. You will definitely have a great experience looking at the fountains that ascends in the sky. Musical water shows are something that is a must watch especially because it is free of cost. The entire show is choreographed by excellent professionals. You cannot miss out on it since it is held everyday!

The Bellagio Casino

Another five star rated attraction that compels tourists to make a visit to Hotel Bellagio and even consider a stay there is the Casino. If you have a love for gambling, then the Bellagio Casino is the ultimate place for you to have unlimited fun and entertainment. You will definitely be mesmerized by the sophistication and elegance of the place. From innumerable options like slot games to table ones and a separate section for all the poker lovers are some of the facilities and activities available here.

World poker tour is another appealing facility at Bellagio Casino. Have a spectacular night or plan to spend an entire day in this section of the hotel. You will definitely not regret your decision. You might even be lucky enough to win a jackpot!

Bellagio Spa and Salon

Pamper yourself in the spa and salon section of Hotel Bellagio to extract maximum benefits from your holiday. The services provided here are world class and gives you a golden chance to rejuvenate and refresh your senses. The entire place is vast and stretches almost 65,000 square feet area.

The spa treatments are out of the world and you can also avail to various offers they have from time to time. This will give you a dual benefit. Don’t forget to avail the salon services as well, if you want to enhance your beauty.

The Botanical Gardens

For all the nature lovers, Hotel Bellagio has a huge Botanical Garden to bring you closer to lush greenery and flora and fauna. The flora is changed seasonally and gives you a great scenic view. So don’t you miss out on this attraction of the hotel if you plan to stay over form a couple of days!

Nightlife in Bellagio

The hotel has a number of nightclubs for all those who love partying and clubbing. Not only are these lounges highly sophisticated but also maintains a class.

The nightclubs include The Bank, Caramel, Starting Gate, Pool Bar, Petrossian Bar and Baccarat Bar. Choose any one of them or make a visit to all if you have some time in your travel itinerary. You will definitely create memories that will last a lifetime.

Bellagio Restaurants

Where food is concerned, you can lay a bet that Bellagio has the best to offer in the entire city of Las Vegas. They have ideal options for lunch and dine in. The five star rating makes it even more alluring to make a visit to at least one of their restaurants even if you don’t get a chance to stay over.

The top most ones include Jean Philippe and Epicurean Epicenter. Along with this you can enjoy an outdoor dining facility, contemporary dining and casual dining. Quick eat options are also available for your advantage.

Bellagio Shopping Opportunities

There are shopping facilities available in the hotel for the tourists. Though, the products available are expensive and high end but it is definitely a great idea for those who don’t really have a budget to follow. There are various shops within the hotel displaying a lot of rare and unique items for you. So go ahead and shop till you drop!

Bellagio Suites and Rooms

Staying over in Bellagio is definitely one of the best things that you can hope for. The suites and rooms not only reflect luxury but also modishness. Once you stay at Bellagio, you won’t ever say that home is the best place to relax and feel comfortable.

Along with the basic amenities you can also have an internet access, music system and private work area in the rooms. Don’t forget to indulge in the huge Italian bath tub to get the most out of your experience.

Along with these superlative facilities in the hotel, you can also arrange for your dream wedding here at this destination! They specialize in all kinds of wedding arrangements as well. Along with this, they have special areas for official purposes like meetings and conferences. Art galleries and golf course are some of the other ways you can pass your time here at the hotel.

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