The Mediterranean Cruise

The Mediterranean Cruise covers many European cities. You have the option of a four, ten, thirteen days or fortnightly cruise.

The first thing is to verify all documents, tag your luggage and guide you to your living area. You are welcomed with drinks, cookies and different goodies. You will need to reach your rooms, where you will find your luggage already waiting.

A special time is allotted for everyone to go through a safety drill before the ship leaves the dock. You will be shown what you will need to do in case of an emergency, and also where you will have to exit from

Everyone gets on to the deck before the ship has departed. They wave out, and the holiday has begun!

Every deck has stewards who will come to clean and do up your room. You also have the option of room service. The stewards will make special decorations on your room using napkins or towels.

You can then get into your gear, and then look around the cruise liner to get familiar with your new home. There are three to four different restaurants where you will find different cuisines and services. There is the option of fine dining which is most sophisticated. You will need to book a table in advance.

You have to share your table, but you will be served. There is also a twenty four hour coffee shop. you also have the option of being served pizzas and other fast foods at the deck by the swimming pool. There are three formal dinners where you will have to dress formally. You will be informed about them in advance, and you can make plans accordingly.

The atmosphere on the cruise is very casual and informal. You can lounge in your most comfortable clothes, except for the formal dinners that you will attend.

There are shows every evening. There are theatres which play movies, have magic shows, music shows and even live shows. You have the option of ordering your drinks here, and can have them brought to you from the bar.

This is also a shoppers paradise. You will find plnety of shops everywhere, where virtually anything can be bought. Accessories, clothes shoes, duty free shops. There are even special sales which take place at night for the budget travelers.

It is recommended that you tip the helpers on the ship. You will also be told how much you should tip them.

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