The Mesmerizing Ecuador

Over the years, the beautiful Ecuador has been attracting tourists from various corners of the world who simply marvel at its bewitching beaches, wild forests, splendid volcanoes, charming surroundings and lip-smacking food.The tourism management is always game to receive the guests with their customary services. The diversity in culture, festivals and rituals of Ecuador all is so tempting that you can’t resist the call of gorgeous Ecuador. Now, the question is what are the major tourist attractions of Ecuador:


Otavalo is a beautiful small town situated 100 kilometers north of Quito. The place gets busy on Saturday morning when the natives display their goods in Poncho Square. They sell local crafts like belts, blankets, carpets, different knick-knacks. This is entirely created by hands driven by their creative impulses. Otavalo also showcases the artistic skills which have continued from generations to generations.


Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the whole world, is situated near Latacunga in Ecuador. So, bring your camera to take some mind-blowing sightseeing of this snow-covered volcano. Over the years, the park has been nurturing wildlife such as pumas, deer, horses, llamas. Birdwatchers wouldn’t be upset as the place is perfectly nestling various types of birds. Some of them are quite rare. When you are in the Cotopaxi national park, don’t miss the museum which displays stuffed animals and park’s geology.

Galapagos Archipelago:

This is the must-see place as it is the second largest marine and wildlife reserve. This place is the home of turtles, sharks, sea lions, penguins.

Malecon 2000:

Situated in Guayaquil, Malecon 2000 is a huge boardwalk stretching several miles along the Rio Guayas. The place has eateries, small food stands and many historical buildings. Also, the place is well patrolled.


Good news to all the beach lovers, Ecuador coastline proudly flaunts many beaches and islands. You can watch whale and also have the opportunity of hand-gliders, kayaking, Jet Skies etc.


For your emotional make over to feel a new person and make your trip more relaxing and exciting, there are numerous spas to provide mind and body rejuvenating treatments. So, take out some time for these treatments which are inspired by the native techniques.

The list is long; there are Amazon River, cathedral, theaters, galleries, museums to take your breath away. So, see you in Ecuador!

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