The Picturesque Country- Norway

Norway is a beautiful place for travelers. The country has so much to offer for a visitor that there is always something which remains untouched. The country is often avoided because of the cold weather prevailing here. But if you really want to explore Norway, the cold weather should not be a problem rather cold weather leads to various attractions like winter sports.

Among many attractions in Norway, skiing seems to be one of the favorites. The country offers very good facility for skiing. You can indulge in downhill skiing or even cross country skiing.

There are many ski resorts in Norway. All these resorts will give you opportunities for various outdoor sports including skiing. You can sharpen your skills here as well as learn new skills.

Norway has unparalleled natural scenery. There is hardly a more beautiful country on the planet earth than Norway. Snow looks extremely beautiful in the winters.

The scenes are just amazing you can stand and look at your surroundings; the snow clad place will look awesome. The temperatures are not such as to avoid the place. There is cold but it is bearable enough.

Norway is a great place for nature lovers. A nature lover can have the full satisfaction with what Norway has to offer. The top natural attraction in Norway is the Fjords.

You can also go to see the mountain farms. In the east of Norway, there are many historical sites. Norway is also famous for the midnight sun. You should not miss it if you are in Norway. It’s unusual but very attractive.

Oslo, the capital of Norway has a number of places to see. Among the top attractions in Oslo are the museums. There are a good number of museums including the Munch museum and the Viking ship museum.

Also there are monuments which are worthwhile visiting. The Bergen area is a world heritage site. There are picturesque wooden houses in this area. Also you can explore the nearby Fish market.

One of the top attractions of Norway is the wooden churches from the medieval times. These churches are located in the south of the country. A visit to the famous playwright Henrik Isben is also exciting. Roros, Maelstorm and Voringsfossen waterfallas are other top attractions in Norway.