Things To Do In Barcelona- A Global City

Barcelona, the Capital of Catalonia, is the second largest city in Spain, after Madrid. It is recognized as a global city due to its importance in commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education and tourism.Barcelona was the 12th most visited city in the world and 4th most visited in Europe after London, Paris and Rome.

Receiving over 5 million tourists every year, it’s the most popular tourist destination in Spain. If we talk about things to do in Barcelona, then there’s plenty in name of sightseeing. Barcelona has a profound historical legacy.

From the year 15 B.C. when Barcelona redrew itself as a roman military camp to the year 1992, when it hosted the Olympic games, Barcelona has come a long way and is being deemed as the 16th most “livable city” in the world. Let’s observe a condensed list of things to do in Barcelona.

Barcelona is renowned for the fantastic architectural prowess of Antonio Gaudi. Passieg De Gracia, an important shopping and business centre looms out some of Gaudi’s marvellous architectural creations. La Pedrera and Casa Batllo are two of Gaudi’s ‘Magnum Opuses’ to be found along Passieg De Gracia.

The jewel of Barcelona architecture and Gaudi’s most famous work is however the ‘Sagrada Familia’, a huge, unfinished temple. It has been in construction since 1882. Another 80 years are being cited as required for its completion.

For tourists, architecture is not the only feature to feast eyes on. Barcelona attractions are varied and gratifying. The Sagrada Familia being the most sought after, L’Aquarium de Barcelona comes 2nd in other Barcelona attractions. It’s a splendid exhibition of marine life for both kids and adults to enjoy. Movie buffs can find IMAX cinema next to the Aquarium. No. 3 on the most popular tourist lures is the Poble Espanyol de Montjuic or the Spanish Village.

It is a small village replicating varied styles of houses in Spain. It’s also fraught with craft shops and workshops of traditional Spanish goods. The Gothic Cathedral in the heart of the city is a must see. MACBA (museum of modern art) and MNAC( museum of Catalan ) are two venues beautiful inside out. For nature seekers, Barcelona Zoo exhibits a wide variety of animals. It also has a restaurant, a picnic area, a shop, electric cars and a monorail.