Things To Do In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the countries in the Horn of Africa and it is the largest populated land-locked country in the world. It shares its borders with Eritrea in the north, south Sudan in the west, Somalia to the east and the Kenyan republic to the south.

The capital city of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa and it is the second most populated country in the entire African continent. In terms of size, it is the 10th largest country in Africa. Ethiopia has long been one of the most stable countries in Africa and Addis Ababa is the head quarter of many international organizations that are focused on the development of Africa.

Ethiopia is a very beautiful country and it has the most number of UNESCO heritage sites in Africa. Known to be the cradle of the world, Ethiopia is known to be one of the earliest sites of human existence. There are many things you can do on an Ethiopian Vacation:

Things To Do In Ethiopia

Discover Your Roots

It is said that the Garden of Eden actually existed in what we call the modern day Ethiopia. Though there are various cities, parts of the countryside in Ethiopia is completely cut off.

Things To Do In Ethiopia

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Tribal people live in these areas and they seem untouched and uninfluenced by the modern world. There are many tour organizers who will arrange an Ethiopian vacation for you. There are many activities you can engage in as well with the tribes and this would be a one of a kind vacation.

Bird Watching

If bird watching is your passion and interest, then Ethiopia is the best place you can be in. There are usually two action packed weeks of bird watching every year. Ethiopia is home to almost 800 species of birds and some of them are endangered as well. You would be able to visit the Awash national park to see ostriches, secretary birds and so on. You could see the extremely endangered white tailed swallow in the Yabelo sanctuary as well.

Water Rafting

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If it is adventure that you are seeking, rafting would give you the adrenalin rush you are looking for. White water rafting expeditions in the Omo River last between 12 to 24 days and you will be in the middle of the world yet feel so far away from civilization. It would be an amazing rafting expedition where you can see the most remote virgin beauty the world has to offer. There would be a million animal species that you would not have ever seen in your life. This is as close as you can get to nature and it would sure be a spell binding experience.

Apart from these things, your Ethiopian vacation can be extended to exploring the historical monuments and the culture of the place. There are many natural, historical, cultural and architectural marvels that Ethiopia has to offer and you would be missing out on something if you did not check them out.  Reconsider the conventional holiday destinations and go for a Ethiopian vacation; it would be your closest brush with unspoiled nature.