Things To See In Kaiserslautern Germany

Kaiserslautern is a small and beautiful city nestled in the low hills of the Rhine River Valley in southwest Germany.

Things to see in Kaiserslautern, Germany

It has a population of some 100,000 people, about half of which are NATO – mostly American – military personnel. Besides contributing handsomely towards the city’s economy, the camping troops have done another good thing – gave the city a short nickname – K-Town! Being one of the most picturesque cities of Germany it’s a great tourist destination with lots of things to see.

Historic city

This small city has a long history dating back to 800 BC. Most of the relics of those ancient times have, however, perished. What we now see here are the remains of the Imperial Palace and the other royal edifices mostly built in the mid-12th century by the Holy Roman Emperor Barbarossa.

In Kaiserslautern Germany

Archaeological relics

Barbarossa’s palaces and castles haven’t totally disappeared. The ruins that we see now indicate that they were once indeed spectacular. They were given a roof and also a name – “Casimirsaal” – four years before the World War II began. Official receptions are held here now in what probably was once the Emperor’s either living or bedroom. It’s immaterial whether the Emperor slept or held court here, this place looks great.

The Collegiate Church

It’s one of the most important churches in southwest Germany built in imposing Gothic style. The historical roots of this church go back to the great Emperor Barbarossa who had built a monastery here in early 16th century. This  church was built on its walls.

 To See In Kaiserslautern Germany

The Fruchthalle

It was built between 1843 and 1846 in Renaissance style and was originally used as a market hall. A few years later it became the seat of the revolutionary government of the Palatinate. It’s now being used for concerts and various cultural events.

The City Hall

One of the most important and visible landmarks of this city is the 84-meter high City Hall. Go to the restaurant ‘twentyone’ on the 21st floor and enjoy the panoramic view of the city as far as the Palatinate Forest, the largest forest in Europe.


Another way to enjoy panoramic views of the city is to climb up this tall tower, built over 100 years ago. Close to it is the Hohenecken village where the impressive remains of a late 12th castle are worth a visit. The castle was originally built in the 12th century and later destroyed by French invaders in 1689. It was restored in 1940 when the World War II was raging Europe.

The Kaiserbrunnen

Although the city’s top hotel bears the same name, it’s the unique Emperor’s Fountain in the historic part of the city that has become a popolar tourist attraction since it was built in 1987. It’s the city’s tribute to its founder Emperor Barbarossa and displays a number of persons and symbols associated with the city.

Things To See In Kaiserslautern Germany

Besides the imposing sculpture of the Emperor and King Rudolf von Habsburg, there is a replica of a ship which is intended to remind spectators of the emigrants who left their hometown to settle in the United States.

More things to see

Also worth seeing in this city are the Kaiserslautern Zoo, Betzenberg Deerpark and Japanese Garden. And being the largest single American military community outside the United States, K-Town has a vibrant nightlife that’s also worth visiting.

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