Three Main Attractions Of Glasgow

Glasgow is considered to be the biggest city of Scotland. This is one of the most attractive cities of Britain. Glasgow has her own colour and style that have made her totally different from the other prominent cities of Scotland.

The vibrant and colourful life of Glasgow really catches one’s mind easily. There are several things to see and do in Glasgow. But one should not miss three particular things if he or she is having a hectic tour. A trip to Glasgow is really exciting.

Attractions: Among several fantastic things to see in Glasgow, the most eye-catching is the grand Glasgow Cathedral. Glasgow Cathedral is a fantastic example of the medieval architecture.

The dark interior will lead backs to the days of medieval ages and you can even feel an eerie sensation standing inside the dark interior. This is an excellent cathedral of Pre-Reformation Gothic culture. This is the only surviving cathedral of the pre-Reformation time in the Scottish mainland. Kelvingrove is a fascinating museum of the city of Glasgow.

This very museum has been reopened after a long period of time. This very museum was under reconstruction and refurbishment. Kelvingrove is actually a fantastic Edwardian building and the architecture of the building creates immense impression in the mind.

This very museum is considered to be the most visited museum in the UK outside London. Coming here one can see great collection of British and Scottish art pieces and paintings. It takes at least 2 days to see the whole of the museum. There are several sections on different topics. In the natural history section one can see a full size plane from World War II.

You can also see different exhibitions on the city of Glasgow. There are also various art pieces from other parts of Europe too. But the most attractive is Salvador Dali’s ‘Christ of St John of the Cross’. Another great place of Glasgow is Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery and Theatre. This is actually from St Petersburg and this is a mechanical theatre. Here the performers are not flesh and blood human beings rather small carved figures and scraps. You can also buy tickets to watch such memorable performances.