Time Stands Still in Santorini Island

Santorini Island is a retreat island in Greece that has a unique charm of its own. There is sun all around and this is the most popular of all the islands in the Mediterranean. The place is also known as the Island of romance as the beaches have witnessed many a love stories unfold.

This is a real wonderland and it is difficult to describe the beautiful sunrise which you can just enjoy sitting on the beach. The coastline is very well developed and is totally unspoilt by nature or man. You can even hire a villa for your vacation ion this beautiful island.

Getting to the Island is no big problem as the shuttle and ferry services work round the year and are very efficient. The island is actually located 65 miles north of Crete. Though Crete is the main tourist hub, people can enjoy the tranquility on this island more than anywhere else. The island is not short on attractions too.

Santorini island has a unique volcanic landscape that runs throughout the island. This is really amazing! The villages here are very picturesque and you will feel at home the moment you come in. I am sure a visit to Santorini island will be a truly unforgettable experience for you.

There are many hotels and beach resorts here and it is not too expensive to go for a holiday rental too. The houses come with the option of self-cater and getting a full meal will not be too difficult for you. This will be a wonderful experience for you and will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket.

You can even arrange for your wedding here or even book your honeymoon on this island. The place is not short of trendy bars and stylish cafes. The restaurants serve delicious food and you will never be short of good food.

Those who are young at heart and teenagers can enjoy the water sports that are on offer. Trained officials are always there for supervision. In short, Santorini Island has lots to offer for everybody and it will be a sin to miss this island on your next visit to the wonderful country called Greece.