Tips for Safe Travel in the Monsoon

If you are the adventurous type and enjoy driving then you are sure to rent a car on your holiday. If you are going to a close by destination you may even think of driving it down so that you are more mobile and free to go around in your car.

If however you decide to do this adventurous holiday in the monsoon then here are a few things you must keep in mind. One of the most important things is to get your car checked.

See that there is enough break oil and fuel. Set the tyre pressure correctly so that you avoid tyre bursting on highways.  Get the car headlights checked for alignment and adequate light.

Make sure the spare Tyre is functioning and the car has a complete tool kit. There are a few necessary items one should carry if travelling long journeys by car. Make sure to have a torch and a whistle in case of any emergency.

Also see that you have a hammer, which can be used in case the doors and windows get jammed due to floods. Check to see if the vipers are working well and also carry an extra set with you.

In case the vipers are not working well you can rub a potato on the windscreen as this keeps the rain water off the windscreen and allows you to see better. You should also carry extra drinking water and make sure to have a few snacks handy in case you are stuck on the road.

Your mobile should be fully charged and do remember to take a car charger. Carry a first aid kit which includes band aids and extra medication that you may need.

Rains can cause a lot of hazards if you are not well prepared for them. You can be caught in terrible traffic jams and your car can land up in pot holes. Carry a nylon rope with a hook which you can use in this kind of a situation. Once your check list is complete you can be rest assured of having a great drive.