Tips For Traveling With An Autistic Child

Parents of an autistic child should remember that it’s utmost important for them to inculcate proper habits and arrangement skills in their autistic child. Though traveling generally means freedom from normal habits and methodical lifestyle, it is quite difficult to help an autistic child adapting to a sudden drastic change in lifestyle.

However, it is very much possible for the whole family to enjoy and make the most fun out of a family trip with an autistic child. If you are still pondering on how to travel with an autistic child, just read the following simple tips to secure a smooth and enjoyable journey with your whole family.

Make Your Child Pre-Acquainted With The Destination

Tips For Traveling With An Autistic Child

Study says most autistic children behave in extremes during their journey as unknown places grow fear within them. The simplest measure to avoid this problem is to introduce your child to the place you are planning to visit, at least two-three weeks ahead of your visit. Showing pictures, movies and familiarizing your child with the importance of the place are methods which have been proved immensely helpful.

Practice Airport Security Sessions With Your Child

Clearing a number of airport security checkpoints can be extremely cumbersome and intimidating for your autistic child, as the task is quite time-consuming and demands strict attention. The best thing to do in this situation is to call up airport security and conduct a mock security session with your child; as this could help your child learn various security checkpoints in advance. Again, if it is not possible to organize a mock security test, it is most advisable to let know the airport security personnel about your child’s autism, beforehand.

Choose A Letting Rather Than A Hotel

It is more suitable to opt for a rental apartment rather than staying in a lodge or inn. A letting provides you with a place which you could relate to your home, like kitchen, open space and most important the privacy. A home-like environment and familiar foods help your child easily adjust in the new environment. Remember, it is advisable to spend the night before your vacation at your relative or some friend’s place as this could accustom your child spending following nights outside his home.

Don’t Forget To Tag Your Child

It is certainly essential that your child wears his ID properly mentioning your contact info and his health diagnosis, as an autistic child lives in his own world; it is very much possible for him to drift apart. The most appropriate area for pinning an ID card is either in his boot-laces or at the back of his t-shirt as most children don’t like pinning the card around their neck.

Avoid Overloading Your Trip With Too Many Activities

Traveling With An Autistic Child

If you are travelling with an autistic child, do keep in mind that overloading each day of your trip with too many activities could spoil your child’s vacation, compelling him to throw tantrums. Pre-plan an itinerary which could be equally enjoyable and relaxing, as too many activities will give your autistic child a sensory burden. Your main motive should be to make your child feel at home, so that he can learn new things about the destination while enjoying greater solitude.

Rachna Pandya