Tips To Have A Month Long Vacation In Europe

Covering an entire continent for a vacation can be a very tricky business, especially Europe because it is one of the most culturally diverse places in the entire world. In addition to that Europe on a whole is so amazing, that a person is bound to fall in love with any part he or she is to visit. As such a month long vacation in Europe has to be really well planned and you have to do prior research to determine the places that you would want to visit the most.

Travel Europe

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Also, you have to make sure that all your adventures regarding this vacation come under your budget. This is because unless you are filthy rich, you will need to very carefully budget your expenses while you are traveling. Since a big chunk of your vacation expense will be spent in the traveling it is important to limit out on the shopping yet go crazy on the sightseeing.

Ask yourself these questions

1. What is the primary purpose of this vacation?

2. How much money do you have at your avail for this vacation only? Be honest…

3. Do you want to go all around Europe or will you get tired and want to stick to only one place?

4. What will you do in case of a food predicament?

Europe Vacation

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These are questions you need to ask and answer to yourself, because without knowing the answers to them, a vacation of the entire continent can be very difficult.  There are a lot of ways to spend a month in Europe and the best way is to go around the best and most famous places. Yes it is true, that some of the less famous places are very extravagant and beautiful as well; however it is best to visit the ones that are renowned.

Planning Your Vacation – The Type you Want

There are package tours and deals that you can sign up with that will take you on an entire tour of Europe, or whatever the deal entails. These are beneficial because all you need to do is pay the necessary fees and the people in charge will handle the rest. You will have accommodation and the necessary travel arrangements and these tours are always in big groups as such you will have a lot of other people to get to know and interact with. These can be very good if you are going with a group of friends, as you will have the chance to make more friends. Even for married couples they can be an opportunity to meet other couples.

Vacation In Europe

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If it is a family of hvacation oneymoon that you are planning, then you may want to be solo. In this case you need to take in consideration places that will of interest to both the children and you and your spouse. Places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France is a very good idea because children and adults both love the place. Since children love beaches, along with adults, you could also put Spain on your list and visit the famous beaches of Barcelona.


This is a very big issue for a month long vacation. Staying in hotels all the time will be very expensive and perhaps not very fruitful because you will be able to enjoy and absorb the true essence of the place.

Hotels Europe

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You could go online and research about the place you will be soon visiting, because a lot of people provide bread and breakfast and or even paying guest opportunities at their houses. As such you can sign up for one of these and have a chance to stay with the locals and appreciate their cultures and traditions. It is much cheaper and economical. Of course if you are a couple on a honeymoon or a family with kids or elders then things would be different, but this is a great option to consider.


How you travel is of great importance and being in a continent like Europe transportation is very easy. This is because thanks to the European Union (EU) free trade and travel has been made across all member countries. As such you can simply travel in and out of countries without any restrictions.

Travelling Europe

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Therefore, it is the most economical to rent a car and travel all around because that way you only have to pay for gas and you can stop and stay wherever and whenever you want. Always carry a map and the emergency numbers necessary in case something unwanted happens. The train service of Europe is also very effective so you can also choose to take the trans-continent express trains.

Places to Visit

This is of the utmost importance. It is also very important to decide in what order you are going to visit them. It is best to start from the west, that is England, and make your way to the East. As such start with Ireland or England and then go down to France and Spain to enjoy the beaches, romance and great food.

Places To Visit In Europe

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Following that make a trip to Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. After that you can choose to either go up north to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland or you could go east to Poland, and Austria. To the far east of Europe are Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, and Turkey among some other smaller countries. So the best option is for you to choose two to three countries from each zone of Europe and spend about two the three days traveling in each other of them.


A vacation in Europe is a very beautiful idea and you will love traveling here because the countries are just amazing. The people and the cultures that live within them are extraordinary. The above mentioned are some helpful tips in helping you decide how to go about having a month long vacation in Europe. All the countries are very diverse and depending on the time of year to visit Europe you will be greeted with different types of celebrations all throughout the continent.


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