Top 5 Must See Places In Paris, Useful Informations For First Time Travelers

Paris the name itself fills the mind with nostalgic fun and admiration. This beautiful French capital is prettily situated on the bank of river Seine. It is an important stop over for tourists in the picturesque Mediterranean region of European continent.

It has the most numbers of world famous land marks than any other city that’s why, this enigmatic city attracts millions of tourist each year to have a glance at its rich cultural heritage, incandescent natural treasures and vivacious lifestyle. Paris, the drop- dead romantic city of the world has something for every unique traveler, be it for honeymooners or families.

For first time visitors it is necessary to chalk out a plan beforehand regarding all must see places in Paris, so that they don’t get into unnecessary confusion once they land there. A mere thought of Paris energizes every sense with a picture of Eiffel tower within the mind but this magnificent city has a number of such places which pulls huge crowd every year. Out of them, the top 5 most recommended places for first time travelers are Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysees, Disney land and adjacent theme parks and Moulin rouge.

Eiffel tower

Probably this is the most prominent tourist attraction in entire Paris. This 324 meter high iron structure is standing tallest beside the river Seine. The contemporary master piece is named after its creator Gustavo Eiffel, was built in eighteenth century. The entire structure of the tower is divided into three levels. Tourists can either take stairs or elevator to reach up to the summit of the tower.

This gives a stunning view of the picturesque city up to a radius of 60 kilometers. There are restaurants in the first two levels which can enrich the experience of dining on top of the legendary monument with a panoramic view of the romantic city. Throughout the year Eiffel tower remains open for visitors only except on strikes and national holidays.

Generally the monument opens at 9.30 am until the night during off season (September to mid June) and 9am to midnight during peak season. The fare for the trip varies according to the chosen level but generally one has to pay €13.10 to reach up to the highest level by elevator. As the dusk sets in, the entire structure turns into a magical escapade by the incandescent sodium-vapor lamps, which enhance the beauty by many folds.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Just like Eiffel tower this is an important monument which can be truly called as the epicenter of medieval Paris showcasing magnificent gothic architectural emblem. It is on a small island called Ile de la Cité in the middle of river Seine. This 12th century cathedral has intricately designed towers, pillars, roof and wall with pictures of great saints, Virgin Mary, Christ and many more. Visitors need to hire a guide to understand all minute details of this splendid magnum opus. This famous cathedral remains open through the year from morning 8am to 7.10 pm in the evening. The access is also free minus any entry fee.

Avenue Des Champ Elysees

This is one of the most beautiful streets in the world. With an entire stretch of 2 kilometers starting from Place de la Concorde to Arc de Triomphe, this happening avenue is laden with beautiful gardens, fountains, museums, art galleries and theaters on both side of the road. Along with that this stretch is lined up with famous eateries and up market shops for luxury shopping experience.

The best way to see this prestigious avenue is by taking a leisurely stroll around in the evening hours when spectacular illumination arrangements make this place even more glitzy.

Disney land and adjacent theme parks

There is no better idea to rekindle the fun- filled sweet memories of old child hood days other than visiting this magical paradise of princess and fairies, pirates and knight’s spread across 1500 acres ,under one roof called Disneyland. As the only Disney theme park in entire Europe, Disneyland Paris has many interesting facets which would fascinate children and adults equally.

It is in Marne-La-Vallee of eastern Paris. Built in 1992, this comparatively new Theme park is a huge crowd puller, within a short span of time as it has become the fourth popular theme parks of the world. This beautiful Disney resort has two theme parks i.e. Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, seven Disney owned hotels, unlimited entertainment, dining and shopping extravaganza at one place.

While children can have fun in sleeping beauty castle, Adventure land and futuristic Discovery land adults can have fun at Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster amid a beautiful lake and many other rides meant for them. The scary ghost house at Phantom manor can turn any one blue with its spine chilling experience. Other than these there are many more attractions like Pirates of Caribbean ride, 3D movie theatre and other amusing activities.

Times to time great deals are offered by Walt Disney, Paris to grab tourists from all over the world. Most of the time trip to Disneyland Paris is clubbed with train ticket price which cost about 69, 00 € for adults and 55, 00 € for children under 12 years of age.

Moulin Rouge

A trip to Paris is incomplete without enjoying its vibrant night life. There are a great numbers of Pubs and cabarets but out of which Moulin Rouge is the world- famous one. Established in 1889, this musical foyer is at Boulevard de Clichy landmarked by its red wind mill atop. The essence of Moulin rouge lies in its famous Can-Can dance where hundreds of girls in colorful glitzy costumes show fragile dance moves on equally decorated stage.

One can have a fine dining experience at its restaurant while watching the mesmerizing dance moves. It is strictly meant for adults so families need to arrange some alternative activity for their kids to enjoy the colorful evening. As tickets are sold out very fast, visitors need to make the booking in advance. The ticket cost around 97€ sans dinner and 140€ with dinner.

There are several packages which the travelers can choose where Moulin rouge tour is included along with other sightseeing options.