Top 5 Places To Visit In Chicago

Chicago, the windy city is the largest city in the US. It is situated in the north eastern part of Illinois State at the south western tip of Lake Michigan. The city has 29 miles of lake front path which makes it one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the state.

The city dazzles in the night and the city skyline is worth watching. There are a lot of interesting places to see in Chicago, some of them are Grant and Millennium Park, Museum of Science and industry, Shedd aquarium, Art institute of Chicago and the Botanic Garden.

The Beautiful Grant And Millennium Park

Grant Park is the place where big city festivals like “Taste of Chicago” are held, it is also known as “Chicago’s front yard”. The flowers in the Grant Park Rose Garden are a treat for the eyes. Not to miss is the Buckingham Fountain with its enchanting shows of music, color, and water. Enjoy the sight of lush green tropical plants and blooms at the Spirit of Music Gardens.

Millennium Park  in Chicago

Millennium Park is an award winning centre for music, art, and architecture. It is spread out in 24.5 acres. The reflective 110-ton Cloud Gate which is also known as “The Bean” and Crown Fountain: two 50-footglass block towers where the images of real Chicago citizens are installed and from their mouth water cascades down, are permanent art installations here. Lurie Garden is a part of Millennium Park and a must see in all its splendid beauty in various seasons.

A Treasure Of knowledge-Museum Of Science And Industry

The building in which the Museum of Science and Industry is housed is itself a unique one as it is the only remaining building from the 1893 World’s fair. It takes us into the fascinating world of science in a fun and interactive way and leaves us thoroughly informed, be it about the natural calamities like twister, tornadoes, avalanches or the human body or the man made machines by the time we leave the museum. It is one of the largest museums with a collection of 35,000 artefacts and 14 acres of hands- on exhibits which includes a 13-foot Giant Heart, a Chicago city model with model trains making round trips from Chicago to Seattle.

Museum of science in Chicago

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Your mouth drops in awe at the sight of huge planes hanging from the ceiling. It also has a five- story domed Omnimax theatre to boast. The huge German U-boat submarine belonging to World war 2, the real Apollo 8 capsule; robots at work are a few of the  extraordinary items found here. It is a place for all ages but a must see for students as it ignites scientific temper and lets the creative juices flowing.

The Exotic Shedd Aquarium

A visit to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is a must as it transports us into a fantasy world. The John G. Shedd Aquarium located on the shores of Lake Michigan is also known as “The World’s Aquarium”. It shows us the Sea world in all its glory. It houses about 22,000 aquatic animals including 1,500 species of fishes, amphibians, invertebrates, reptiles, birds and mammals from all over the world.

Exotic Shedd Aquarium

Fantasea is an out of the world show with Beluga whales, dolphins, and penguins which is not to be missed. The underwater reef community at the Caribbean Reef exhibit, Moray eel, Parrot fish, piranhas, spiders, rays, crocodiles at the Amazon exhibit and a whole lot of other fishes can be seen here. There is a separate zone for kids called the Polar Play Zone where they can chill out, shake hands with a Sea Star or get into a penguin suit and just have fun.

The Amazing Art Institute of Chicago (AIC)

The Art institute of Chicago is the second largest art museum in the United States. It is located in Grant Park in Chicago. It has a huge world renowned collection of more than 260,000 works of art which includes Old Masters, Impressionist and Post Impressionist art, Asian art, American art, European and American decorative arts, modern and contemporary art.  Apart from paintings the museum houses a lot of other works.

Art Institute of Chicago

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An exquisite collection of fine bone china articles, artillery collection, and on the lower level are located the Thorne Miniature Rooms which exhibit architectural and furniture styles of Asia, America and Europe from middle Ages to the 1930s.The ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek galleries have a good collection of gold and silver coins and the mummy and the mummy case of Paankhenamun. The museum has a separate section for the visually impaired that is the Touch gallery, where they can experience by touching and reading the description written in Braille.

The western entrance of the institute on Michigan Avenue is adorned by two bronze lion statues called the North and South lion which appear to be guarding it and welcoming us at the same time. A visit to this impressive Art institute with an encyclopaedic collection spread out on one million square feet is a must for everyone and especially for art lovers.

Paradise On Earth- The Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden can be aptly called as Paradise on earth. The sheer beauty of this 385-acre garden situated on nine islands with 24 display gardens and four natural habitats is simply mesmerizing. It is located at Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, in the state of Illinois. The Rain water Glen Footbridge, The Aquatic Garden, The Bulb Garden, The Circle Garden are a few of the 24 display gardens. We can find the rarest of the rare, exotic plants to the common ones here.

chicago botanical garden

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There are 31 varieties of water lilies, 9 varieties of lotus in full bloom here (in summer) and 75,000 rare bulbs. The Botanic garden has a collection of 2.4 million plants, it’s a living plant museum with ever changing beauty and it is a sheer pleasure to visit this garden and stroll through it. Get ready to enjoy all this and more as Chicago has lots to offer including “The Magnificent Mile” a splendid shopping area, so take the next flight and fly to Chicago.