Top Attractions of Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa Island is one of the biggest tourist attractions for the travelers visiting to Singapore. Beautiful beaches, lush nature and a whole lot of exciting activities can be explored, when you visit this spectacular island.Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is the home for around 1500 live butterflies and about 3000 species of insects from all parts of world. Located in the midst of lush greenery, it is an enjoyable place for all types of tourists.

The Cable Car ride will take you to one of the highest points of the island, known as Jewel Park on top of Mount Faber. From this point you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding. The ride is pretty much thrilling as it passes through quite a height over lush green vegetation and spectacular coastal area.

Images of Singapore will take you through the past and present of Singapore. Here you can explore the authentic culture, value and heritage of the local people and the place.

Sentosa 4D Magix will offer you entertaining shows with high-level visual effects, surround sound technology and amazing special effects including live water spray.

Sentosa CineBlast is a three dimensional virtual reality show, where you feel like touching the objects as they come in front of your eyes. This amazing simulation show will make you exhilarated through the virtual ups and downs.

Sentosa Luge and Skyride is the first luge in the south-eastern part of Asia. The ride includes go-cart and toboggan ride, which is comfortable for people of all ages. The tracks are specially designed and well-lit, so that you can enjoy the ride even in the night.

Tiger Sky Tower is the tallest tower of Singapore at 131 meters above the sea level, with an observatory on top of it. You can enjoy exceptional scenic view of the land and the sea, from this point.

The Merlion is the most common structure of Singapore and you can find one of the majestic structures over this island also. Here you can enjoy the animation feature to know about the origin of Merlion. Merlion Walk is an interesting mosaic walkway starting from the back of the Merlion.