Top Places to Visit in France

France is a beautiful country.  There are a number of places that you can visit when you are in France. The Louvre is an art museum and if you are inquisitive to know more about history of France then you should make a visit of this place. This museum has stores some great art which tells the rich history of this country.

The world has long been attracted to the famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci; the mysterious charm of Monalisa’s smile has long been in the discussion. This famous painting is housed in this museum.  So if you want to discover the charm of this painting, then do make a visit to this museum.

French Riviera is another top attraction for the tourists from world around.  This area has some of the top attractions for the tourists like Cannes, St. Tropez and Nice. The beaches here are magnificent. Having a walk in the morning air on these beaches is a sheer pleasure.

There ate parties taking place at various occasions especially in the evenings on these beaches. You would simply love to be at the place when there are parties going on. The scene is exotic in the evening when the party is in the full swing.

To discover the French military history under Napoleon, you can make a visit to The Arc de triomphe. It was built in the honor of the French military. This is a historic landmark in France.

Another place which is equally charming is the Cathedral of Notre Dame. This place has a great architecture; the place is famous for its gothic design. Number of religious icons is placed in this cathedral. Do make a visit to this place on your trip to France.

Most famous of all is the wonderful Eiffel Tower. This tower is intimidating from the ground because of its height, when you are on the top of this tower; you get a magnificent view of Paris. Designed as a gate to the famous world fair in the late nineteenth century, this place has witnessed many historical events in the past.

The Disneyland is another famous landmark in France. You can spend a good time there. It has a lot of attractions like rides, parades and fireworks display. The theme park has its own uniqueness peculiar to France.

Other important places of tourist interest in France which is worthwhile visiting are the Vineyards, the Muss d’Orsay which is a famous art museum, the Lourdes and the historic Normandy.