Tour To Dubai

Dubai is one of the most worth visiting places, situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates. Lying within the Arabian Desert, the emirate of Dubai shares its borders with Abu Dhabi in South, Sharjah in the north-east and Sultanate of Oman in the southeast.

The sandy desert of Dubai leads to the Western Hajar Mountains that stretches parallel to Dubai’s border with Oman at Hatta, which is a minor enclave of the emirates. The topography of these Western Hajar Mountains are arid, scattered and mountainous, some of which even each the height of 1300 meters.

Popularly regarded as the “Shopper’s paradise” it has a sand desert-pattern topography, with clear and white sand, made up of finely crushed shell and corals. But the landscape composition is slightly different, with the predominance of gravel desert in the southern region of the country. The Eastern part of Dubai is on the other hand made up of salt-crushed coastal plains or the “sabkha”, which follows further to the north-south directions as series of dunes.

At the farthest east of the place the dunes grow larger in size and in red colors due to the presence of iron oxide. These sandy stretches around the city predominate in wild grasses and occasional date palms. The Dubai natural park consists of neem trees and eucalyptus as well. It is notable that this place has no river bodies or oasis, rather only a natural inlet, known as Dubai Creek, that is deep enough to allow passage of large vessels.

It has its own typical animal resources that include caracel, desert fox, falcon, Aabian oryx, with 300 species of fishes like hammour along with marine life that comprise of jelly fish, coals, whales, dolphins etc. during spring and autumn Dubai is frequented by 350 species of migratory birds.

Due to its geographical position and topography the climate of Dubai is very hot, dry and windy with average maximums around 40 degrees during the daytime and minimums at around 30 degrees at night. Summer is predominant with sunny days throughout the year while winters are cool and short, having an average of 23 degrees in the daytime and lows of 14 degrees overnight. Rainfall is fairly low, though it is been increasing a bit in the last few decades.

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