Tourist Attractions At The Bahamas

Among the many popular tourist attractions that remain in the top list of the world travelers is the Bahamas. It is basically a picturesque island in the Atlantic Ocean that is a part of the Commonwealth countries. The union of 29 islands, 661 cays and 2387 islets consisting of rocky topography, the Bahamans has a total surface area of 13,939 square kilometers.

It is basically a brethen county of Cuba, Hispaniola, Turks and Caicos Islands, sharing the same chain of islands. The neighbors of the typical geographical boundary of the Bahamas are thus Cuba and Hispaniola or the Dominican Republic along with Haiti in the north, the northwest neighbors are Turks and the Caicos Islands and the southeastern neighbors are United States, to be more specific, the portion which is closer to the Florida.

tourist attractions in bahamas

Vacationing at the Bahamas will be a great treat, away from the rush and hush of daily life. The various tourist attractions at the Bahamas are reflections of Bahamian culture, archeological tradition and historical background. Among the numerous islands under the name “Bahamas”, the most tourist frequented one is the island of New Province, with the capital Nassau, situated therein.

Ardasta Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre

The most distinct tourist attraction in Nassau is the Ardasta Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre. It is a lush topical garden, a natural habitat for almost thee hundred species of birds, mammals and reptiles that are natives of the Bahamas as well as migrate from the Caribbean, Latin America and around the world.

tourist attractions in bahamas

The fruit trees, coconut trees, bromeliads, orchids, hibiscus and other fruit and flower plants outline the boundary of the five aces of this land beautifully. Added to this the regular show on the world famous marching Flamingos is also a special attraction for he tourists.

Fort Charlotte

Along with the natural zoo, Nassau also reflects the ancient history of this place by means of its historical structures and architectures. One such specimen is the Fort Charlotte; the biggest British built fort in the Bahamas.

tourist attractions in bahamas

The largest of the three forts located in the Nassau, this one was built to protect the Nassau Harbour from western invasions.

Pirates of Nassau Museum

The Pirates of Nassau Museum is another historical yet amazing place to visit in Bahamas. It is an interactive museum while takes the visitors on a tour to the historical past, by means of a replica pirate ship.

tourist attractions in bahamas

It informs how the life of the pirates was, how the life was at sea, how these infamous pirates survived and died also exhibits related artifacts.

Straw Market

The straw market is a very large market, situated on the Bay Street at Nassau in the Bahamas; perhaps, it is the largest market in the world. The specialty of this market is that whatever merchandise you get here are made of straw, from hats, dolls, mirrors, bags, mats, to almost anything. Straw market is basically the Bahamian  colloquial name of outdoor stall-type market that sells a variety of stuffs. Among the others the most prominent and larger is the one name as Port Lucaya Market place. It is a set of indoor shops and stalls as well as the outdoor vendors who are given permanent shops rather than mere canvas tents as common with most markets. They sell a variety of merchandise in this particular straw market, from T-shirts, local handicrafts, shell and hematite of colored straw jewelry and a lot other things. But if you are an avid shopper, you might have a tendency to bargain. Do not expect such an opportunity here.

tourist attractions in bahamas

Be rest assure, the prices are more of less reasonable, with a few vendors too who sell expensive items. Along with these stalls, you will find small and medium sized eateries here too, some of which are quick over-the-counter types as well; each of them dealing with a variety of cuisines like Greek, Italian as well as local culinary as well as chocolates hut, ice cream parlors, confectionary, pizza parlors, salad counters offering a variety of fresh fruit and also vegetable salads etc.

There is some boarding and rest rooms here too, like the Sheraton at Lucaya Beach and Golf Resort and Pelican Bay. If you want to visit a good casino, then you are in the right place. The Isle of Capri Casino is your destination. Some of the snorkeling and scuba diving options available here are popular among tourists. It has a beautiful and spacious outdoor concert hall that has a seating provision for almost as many as several hundred people. There are afternoon as well as evening shows, which have to be found out by a chat with the market authority.

Blue Lagoon Islands or the Salt Cay

Surrounded by the waters all over, Bahamas is a great destination for those who love sports fishing. Deep sea fishing, off the shores of Nassau, which is a few miles from the Nassau and the Paradise Island, offers a water depth of 6000 feet, that is ideal habitat for fishing Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, Yellow fin, Black fin Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi Dolphin. Along with deep sea fishing other popular water sports here are reef-fishing, snorkeling, scuba and picnic in this beautiful place. Thus the Blue Lagoon Islands or the Salt Cay, which is towards three miles east of the Paradise Island, a secluded islet having white sands, winding lagoon, circled by palm trees and frequented by tropical birds, allows the tourists close encounters with dolphins and sea lions too.

tourist attractions in bahamas

Those who are too adventurous to go for an expedition across places on horse back, the Pinetree Stables Eco Tour is the place you must visit. It is a really exclusive way to take a tour of the Grand Bahamas, Cooper’s Castle, Hardwood Coppice, the sand dunes to a lonely beach. This stable is situated between the International Market and Pot Lucaya Marketplace in Freeport.

If you are always fascinated by natural beauty, beautiful flower, plants and landscape then on your tour to the Bahamas, you must visit “The Garden of the Groves”. It has an undergrowth of more than 10000 varieties of flowers, shrubs, herbs and exotic plants. The meandering path of this garden consists of several water falls and an old-fashioned chapel which is meant for the purpose of marriage, prayer or meditations.

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